Monday, February 28, 2011

Master Bath Update

Over the weekend I managed to get a little step closer to finishing the master bath project.  Since it was drizzly and misting almost all weekend I opted to get the sewing machine out and get the window panel for the master bath window done!  The fabric is IKEA Kajsastina for $6.99 per yard, and was kind of the inspiration for the entire design scheme.  The pocket curtain rod is Target for $3.49.  

I measured the width of the window including the few inches of standoff needed for the pocket rod I am intending to use, then measured how long I want the panel to be since it is purely decorative and I don't want it to cover the entire window.  (The big window in our bathroom is textured for privacy so we get all the glorious light without the privacy issue).  I added a few inches to the width for seam allowance and a few extra at top and bottom for my curtain rod pocket and the hem, then cut my fabric.   

I sewed the two ends of the width first so that when I folded my top seam down, it would create the pocket with open ends for the curtain rod to run through.  Having the two sides and top pocket sewn, I could measure again to determine the appropriate length and sew the hem.  Voila an finished window panel!

Tonight's project is to hang the panel!  FINAL master bathroom pictures to come shortly.

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