Thursday, March 10, 2011

EUREKA a New Kitchen Island!

So I have been longing to redo our kitchen island by reusing our existing island cabinets and re-orienting them and adding a new countertop.  Get rid of the silly bar height portion and make it all counter height to allow workable area from all sides.  Brilliant right?  Enter husband.  Much to my chagrin, Devin was not keen on the idea (don't ask me why he is not as in to my brilliant ideas as I am).  He was all for waiting until we could buy new cabinets and new countertops and blah blah blah. 

Kitchen Island as it stands today...with less mess on the top of course!
  Devin, being the avid HGTV viewer and self proclaimed DIYer, had the brilliant idea (ok he can have them sometimes too) to make concrete countertops for our kitchen!  BINGO!  We struck a deal that I get to redo the cabinet placement and he gets his concrete countertop.  We of course will start with the island and "see how that goes" (famous last words) and then decide if we can manage to do the rest of the kitchen ourselves. 

So I of course have been perusing the internet for images and videos of concrete countertops.  Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure.

We searched several websites and this is the one we liked the best to explain relatively easily how to make these gorgeous countertops.

This may have to be our interim project while we are patiently gathering pavers for the back yard project!

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