Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Friday Free Giveaway!

To thank all of you who follow our blog and come by to check in every now and then, we are giving away a FREE gift card to IKEA.  YAY!  That's right folks, as you have seen their products numerous times in our home and on our blog, we would like to spread the love and share them with you!  That's just how we roll baby!  Click here if you would like to do a little browsing to see what you will purchase with your free gift card.

  • Giveaway Prize:  1 IKEA gift card valued at $20
  • To Enter:  Post a comment on this post saying "IKEA ME PLEASE".  (If you don't have an account that is listed, you can open a google account with your existing email address)
  • Extra Bonus: Explain what your favorite IKEA purchase/experience has been or will be in the future
  • Enter By:  Sunday March 27, 2011 9pm CDT
  • Results Announced:  Monday March 28th at 12:00pm CDT
  • Shipping:  Within the United States only
  • Rules:  Only one entry per email address.  Winners will be selected at random using  To find out who won, please return to this post.  Good luck and may the force be with you. 
And the winner is...Renee!  Congratulations to you and you can expect to receive your prize in the mail soon.


  1. IKEA ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Why yes I do love Ikea and let me count the ways. First trip-weekend long trip, to Ikea was with none other than you- Yancey! We had so much fun in Tempe; every single time we went. The first time you warned me about Ikea over load, so we just looked out and sort of planned out how I was going to spend thousands of dollars, ok hundreds. We then went back the next day and of course had breakfast, hello got to have the cheap breakfast and get fuel for the shopping. Pretty sure we were there all day and therefore had to eat lunch as well, can you say swedish meatballs? It was a blast and always is a blast going to Ikea with Yancey. Man you have to post the picture of you with that awesome viking hat on.

  2. IKEA ME Please also! My first trip to IKEA was after a long day at a conference in Houston. Yancey encouraged me to take the time to go and just have a look at IKEA. I was so overwhelmed that I could not buy a single thing. I called Yancey and she said" have you been to the bottom floor?" I was freaked out. There was more stuff to see? I barely made it through the store and back to my hotel room. I loved everything and could afford it too. Well, since that time I have made many trips to IKEA and made many many purchases. Love it so much! I hope I win this gift card because I need another night stand to match the one I bought at IKEA the last trip.

  3. IKEA ME PLEASE! :^D I've never actually been there, but I like Jonathan Coulton's song about that store. :) Who knows, maybe if I had a gift card, I'd pay them a visit lol

    If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com

    *crosses fingers*

  4. IKEA ME PLEASE!!!! OMG, so much I could say about Ikea.. . LOVE first of all... One of my favorite places on earth. My first trip to an Ikea was in Viriginia (I think). Back east.. I was in AWE and went crazy must say even had to ship all my treasures home in huge boxes. Was so much fun.... even saw a friend from Lubbock TX there... small world. Needless to say I have been a die heart fan every since. Shope there all the time.. always in Austin.. I hope to win this gift card... to purchase my next prize possession.

  5. Did I win? So hoping I won. I deserve to win because I think I love IKEA the most!

  6. Ikea me please!...helloooo...pleaseeeee....dang. i'm a couple days too late. :)


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