Monday, March 21, 2011

Give Me More Horsepower!

Ok, I realize that not everyone will be as excited about getting a new garbage disposer as I am, but after living without one for a week, you might be stoked too.  So this little project jumped out at us as our old 'builder special' peetered out on us.  We spent a week throwing out left over food scraps in the trash, YUCK!  I guess after 13 years it was time to replace.  So there went some of our paver budget (see the Big Back Yard Plan post), but hey you gotta do what you gotta do, which includes grinding food in the disposer. 

Old 'Builder Special' garbage disposer
After a little research and perusing at our local home builder stores (Home Depot and Lowe's) we opted for the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer from Home Depot.  It got great reviews and was significantly better than our old Badger 1/3 Horsepower.  So now I have MORE horsepower, multi-grinding action and is 30% quieter!  Yeah Baby!  Now we're talking! 

The installation was fairly simple and only took my wonderful husband about an hour to complete the task, thanks to my fantastic instruction reading ability and overall project management skills.  Ok, he did the heavy lifting and prep work like getting all the crap out from under the sink, and for that I ADORE him! 

This also was a great time to clean out the bowls of the 'under the kitchen sink' area which can get a little scary sometimes!  Toss what we don't need, and relocate things that don't need to be under there.

To be honest the most difficult part of the project was getting the old disposer out, but that really took about 10 minutes maybe. 

Out with the old and in with the new Super Duty Food Grinding Love Machine.  Oh Ok, maybe not love machine, but of course now I have this song in my head...

Voila!  Finished garbage disposer.  It works beautifully and I am so in love with food grinding now.  I am also in love with the fact that I am reducing my carbon footprint a little by not sending food to the land fill where it becomes methane gas and depletes our precious Ozone!  YAY us!  So to quote Woody from Toy Story, "if you don't have one (garbage disposer, not moving buddy) get one!"

Isn't she lovely!

So shiny and new!

One last little bonus for this project was that it allowed me to install a piece of leftover vinyl flooring (the owners left from their installation in the laundry room) under the sink.  A nice little trick my momma taught me!  Thanks mom!  It helps protect the wood cabinets if lord forbid there ever be a leak under our sink! (It certainly wouldn't be from our awesome plumbing skills I know!)

Now please excuse me while I find something to grind in the garbage disposer...

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