Thursday, March 31, 2011

Headboard Dilemma

We purchased a fabulous Temperpedic king size mattress before Christmas last year (Merry Christmas to us) and as a result ended up having to buy all new everything since this was an upgrade from a queen to a king.  So of course, we sped off to IKEA to find a new bed frame.  We had a Malm frame previously and really liked it, but since we were going to have to use a foundation for the mattress (for best results per Temperpedic) we wanted something with a little more substantial headboard that wouldn't be hidden by the stacked up mattress.  We opted for the Hopen bed frame, which is very similar to the Malm in the clean lines and simple design, but has a taller headboard. 

BUT, not quite tall enough for me now that we have "slept on it" for a while now.  My genius thought is to remove the existing headboard that is attached to the base with a few screws and replace it with a new DIY-ed headboard.  I am leaning towards a white upholstered headboard since the head wall is a dark gray (Devin may not be a fan of the idea...YET).  I have sent him the following image from here, for encouragement.

This particular headboard may not be upholstered but it is white with a dark base, which was concern number one.  An upholstered headboard with our hairy children is concern number two, which I am still contemplating.  I am toying with the idea of laminated fabric that can be easily wiped down, but am a little worried that it might feel like grandma's house with plastic on the furniture, which I am definitely against.  I found this image here, of a beautiful headboard that is sans upholstery which is another option.

I did purchase this beautiful quilt from Target cause I just couldn't resist it's gorgeous-ness and the way it just "went" with our new master bathroom colors. 

The master bedroom of course is another work in progress but I will be sure to keep you posted as to what the decision will be. 


  1. I've been coveting that same purple/white headboard!

  2. I like the design and the graphic doesn't look like my grandma's quilt


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