Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Look Back at the Dining Room

When we moved in to the house, nothing had been done to the dining room since the house was built.  It still had the brass chandelier (builder's special) and no color in the room at all.  

Dining Room before

First thing first, we had to paint the chandelier red.  We liked the idea of the formal dining room being the "traditional" meets "modern" room, especially since it had the crown molding and the "traditional" type chandelier.  So a quick DIY fix was to just spray paint the chandelier a bold color to give it the "modern" twist.

Devin prepping the wall for wallpaper with sizing

I had been eyeing all the Fantastic bold patterned wall paper that had recently come back into vogue and decided on (again) a modern twist on a traditional classic, damask in a bold black and white.  This would also make the red chandelier pop.  Since we had selected a black and white pattern we needed to paint the dining room bright white, since it was some version of white probably antique white (builder's special again). 

Finishing up the wallpaper with some trimming

We wanted to add some white furniture to contrast with the black.  I found these lovely dining chairs on Craigslist, 4 for $40!  Can't beat that!  They came as a dark mahogany colored wood, so we had to prime and paint them.  I also added some red bold graphic IKEA fabric to the seats.  The white buffet was another purchase from IKEA as well.  After getting to this point, we definitely needed to refinish our table.  It is a great table that my mom gave us when she purchased a new table so you just can't beat free.  It is solid pine so we opted to sand and stain. 

Devin started off great with the OLD sander from I don't know where.  It puttered out on us about 1/16th of the way through the sanding and we had to purchase a new one. 

Devin sanding with OLD sander

Of course we had help...

Chloe "the help"

NEW sander doing a much better job

Sanded table looking real real good
After all the sanding was done, it was ready to take the stain.  We opted for a dark ebony stain that would resemble a lot of our black-brown colored furniture throughout our house and also be our "black" in the room with white chairs.  It turned out GORGEOUS with the grain of the wood coming through beautifully.  It kinda looks like the zebra wood we adore. 

Finished table with polyurethane
The finished dining room.  Complete with china cabinet mounted above buffet and new curtains.   

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