Monday, March 28, 2011

Love the Earth, Plant a Tree

So, you know how you start doing something that needs to be done and that leads to something completely unplanned that you didn't know you needed to do that day, well that is where this story begins.  It started with some harmless yard work, mowing, pruning, and sprinkler repair.  My job, trim the crepe myrtles back and Devin's job, mow the front and back yards.  We would tackle the sprinkler repair together as one united force.
Crepe Myrtle before pruning
 Yes those are the loppers stuck in the tree, they are patiently waiting for Devin's big muscles.  I can do anything almost anything, some things I love to have my husband's help with.
Crepe Myrtle during pruning
Of course I had help other than Devin...

Sophie "the help"

Crepe Myrtle with her new haircut
Before Devin could mow he had to replace the drive belt in the mower.  The mower has the lovely feature of self propelled-ness but the belt had broken a year ago.  So rather than have to push it super hard, he opted to replace the belt to make the mowing job a little easier.  Good Plan!

Devin doing his job so well
Here is where the story takes us for a little twist (the suspense is killing you I'm sure).  We had to make a trip to Home Depot for some supplies for the sprinkler repair job and of course when you are at Home Depot, you can't help but walk through the garden department and dream of what you barren back yard could look like.  Well, we stumbled across some beautiful Bald Cypress trees on sale for a great price.  15 gallon trees that were about 8ft tall each for $34.95!  So straying slightly from our Big Backyard Plan, we made plans to purchase two.  How could we not really! 

We returned home and made the repairs to the sprinkler system that we had intended to do.  And began planning where we would put the two beauties.  We had the perfect spot for one between two existing trees (we have no idea what they are) to replace the beautiful bushes I had put in the middle to mask the fence for the time being (which by the way are totally dead now).  The other would go between the existing crepe myrte and the rocks where the old playset used to be. 

The perfect location
With some idea of where we would put the new trees, we head back to HD in my super duty XBox (Scion XB) to purchase the trees.  We are always very optimistic as to what we can fit in my car, cause it is AWESOME!  We buy the two trees which we have named Jay and Reas, as they were graciously sponsored by the Rea family for dogsitting (which was totally unnecessary as they dogsit for us all the time as well, but it was so sweet of them).  We roll the trees over to my car and here is where the doubt set in.  Holy Moly, these trees are much bigger when they are placed next to my little car.  At these point it is about 15 minutes to closing time and renting the hourly HD truck was out of the question.  So our solution...

The XBox prevails once again!
The next day we plant the trees because as you can see, it was dark when we got them home.  We (ok mostly Devin) had dug one hole prior to buying the trees to make sure we did not have super rocks right under the surface of our back yard, so it made the first tree planting go super fast. 

Hole number 1
You may also notice that there is part of the irrigation system pvc pipe above the ground in the back there, yes the beauty of our previous owner's installation.  Ugh, we will deal with that later.  Oh and of course we had help from the Great Wheelbarrow and Roxie.


Tree number one a.k.a Jay

I call this the "moat" around the tree

You can see the location of Jay and Reas here
The moral of the story is, sometimes it is a good thing to fly by the seat of your pants and stray from your big plans.  I'm so happy we did because in no time we will have two beautiful big trees named Jay and Reas that look like this!


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