Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Inspiration = Quick Project

As I was working on a project for a client these last few weeks, I found a little something for myself at West Elm.  This lovely bolster pillow!  It is navy and a steel blue embroidery on a white background.  I thought it would look GREAT with our gray walls in the guest bedroom (the bedroom that will remain a guest bedroom as the other eventually becomes the nursery.) 

So the hunt began for some navy blue accents.  I wanted some Euro Shams with a navy blue pattern but had no luck finding any I liked :( but I did find a lovely table cloth at Target that I could make two 27" euro shams out of!  Yippee for custom made by me!

Making the euro shams was quite simple and only took about an hour total.  First I had to cut out two 27" squares for the fronts. 

For the back I cut out four 15" x 27" rectangles (two for each pillow sham back).  I made sure the finished edge of the table cloth was positioned where the opening for the sham will be. I then pinned it all together right sides together with one 27" square for the front and two 15" x 27" rectangles for the back.  I pinned the back rectangles so that one overlaps the other in the center, thus creating the opening for the pillow to slip into and can easily be removed for cleaning. 

Then I sewed the outside edge all the way around the square. 

Then I turned the fabric right side out and Voila!  Done in a jiffy!

The result is one beautiful euro sham that looks like it was made to be one and not a table cloth!  

They look so cute with the new West Elm bolster pillow.  I used one of our many duvet covers from IKEA for the base. (not ironed, cause I couldn't wait to see what it looked like) 

I picked a cute silver stacked sphere lamp with navy blue shade from Target while I was there.  I really love the sparkle it gives the night stands. 

So to finish this little project, I need to hang the navy blue curtain panels and spray paint the picture frames (white or silver, haven't decided yet) cause the gold gots to go.  I will no doubt also add a few more accessories to tie it all together. 
So far I am in love with my navy blue room!

As always, stay tuned for the final finishing touches!

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