Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paint Contractor Hired!

When Devin and I bought our house almost 2 years ago (how time flies) we knew the exterior would have to be painted soon.  It had original builder paint from 1998, which FYI for those who don't know, builders use the least expensive paint and it is not the last forever paint job.  So this year's tax return was devoted to the paint job.  Taxes are filed and check is on it's way so we got a couple of quotes from local paint companies and have decided on Southern Painting.  Southern is a Texas based company and overall had the best price for the service.  The paint job will include power washing, scraping, repairs, caulking, priming exposed wood, and finally painting. 

The front of the house currently looks like this, minus the overgrown landscaping.  Devin trimmed the tree and bushes prior to moving in.  You can actually see the front porch from this angle now. 

We opted for a two-color paint job where the siding will be one color and the trim will be another. 

The front door will receive a fresh coat of black paint also!  We will also install a stainless steel kick plate at the bottom of the door once the painting is finished. 

We decided to go with a gray tone for the siding and a white for all the trim.  We are going to use a premium paint (Sherwin Williams) so that it will last longer and generally look much better over time.  We have chosen Pure White for the trim and either Mindful Gray or Dorian Gray for the siding.  These colors have of course been submitted to the HOA architectural board for approval, and I have no worries that these will be approved.  Finger's crossed.

Dorian Gray is slightly darker and will provide a little bit more contrast.  I have ordered 8X10 size paint samples to tape up so we can make our final decision. 

The back door will also get a fresh coat of black paint to match the front door and the white trim around the windows will get a coat of white to match all the other trim.  The light fixture will get replaced FOR SURE and the thermometer will get a facelift or be replaced, not sure yet but we like having it.  For a little fun I photoshop-ed the back door photo to kind of get an idea of what to expect with Dorian Gray.

Be sure to stay tuned for the after pics as the work will start the week of April 11th!  Just in time for Easter, when my family is coming to stay the weekend.  Perfect timing!

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