Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter/1 Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

April 24th this year marked two reasons to celebrate.  One was Easter and the other was our 1 year wedding anniversary.  So the plan was to have Easter for the first half of the day and the second would be filled with anniversary fun. 

Some of my Easter Decorations
As you know from previous posts, my family (mom, sister, and grandmother) came for the weekend arriving on Friday evening ready for fun.  Well fun is what they got.  We spent the day Saturday enjoying each other's company with a nice breakfast (the Dutch Baby) and then getting our Texas Spirit on at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and then rounding out the day with a nice dinner at the lake at Cafe Bleu. 

A view of the "Lone Star" with a birthday hat at the museum

Then Sunday arrived and it was time for the Easter portion of the day.  We had a lovely breakfast al fresco in our soon to be beautiful back yard and then our dove into our Easter baskets. (yes my mother still makes us baskets and it is AWESOME!) 

Backyard Update:  I did at least get some plants potted in the two big pots shown below for the weekend.  Also, the two hibiscus trees in the back are our "love trees" as they are the trees and pots that were on our wedding altar.  They have been hibernating inside the house over the winter and have made it outside to thrive for the summer!  The two smaller silver pots below also have the orange lilies from our wedding.  They came back this year!  My plan to recycle the decor from our wedding is a success so far.

My attempt to make the hideous gravel filled pit look good for now, and Roxie sneaking in the pic.

I love our grown up Easter baskets that my mom makes for us.  They have some practical gifts hidden in them as well.  Devin got a new caulking gun!  Sweet!  I on the other hand behind him, got a sweet marshmallow shooting gun!  NICE! 

It just wouldn't be natural if we didn't get coloring books for the holiday.  My sister and I are the queens of coloring.  I had to bust out the big box of crayons for the occasion!

Granny was even into the coloring with us!  We just love it!  In the picture below you can also get a sneak peek of our finished painted house!  More on that to come in a future post.

The afternoon was then focused on our first wedding anniversary!  We exchanged gifts with the paper motif as is the tradition.  Below you can see one of the presents I made Devin (and me).  I made artwork to hang in our bedroom.  More on that in a future post.  You can also see in the picture below the orchid that my wonderful husband got me.  I have been wanting one, but have also been afraid to get one as my thumb is not exactly green.  My current goal with the orchid is to have it survive to our next anniversary! 

After our wonderful Easter/Anniversary dinner we enjoyed our cake from our wedding.  Ok, I have to say that we did not freeze the top of our wedding cake.  Our cake lady offered to make us fresh cake balls (her specialty) for our 1 year anniversary when we ordered our cake.  We liked the idea as it would be fresh delicious cake and not the traditional scary frozen cake.  Stacey at Austin Cake Ball is wonderful and she decorated our cake balls to match our wedding cake.  Below you can also see the table runner that we DIY-ed for our sweetheart table at our wedding reception and also the cake stand we used for our wedding cake, our cake knife and server, and cake topper.  (FYI- I am working on a wedding page so you can see all the DIY wedding fabulousness!)

I also opted to wear my DIY-ed headband with flower that I wore in our wedding.  It is so beautiful and I had so much fun wearing it, I might need to wear it more often!

It was such a wonderful anniversary with my husband and holiday with my close family! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I am still sad we missed the big day, my parents still talk about how great it was! I LOVE the art you made Devin and can't wait for a possible tutorial maybe?!


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