Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Alive, well mostly!

Ok so I haven't posted to my blog in several days and the reason being that I was mostly dead for about a week.  I caught some nasty infection to my respiratory system and it just laid me out!  It all started last Thursday and finally today one week later, I am among the land of the living.  Needless to say, our big weekend plans of working in the yard were shot!  Nothing was accomplished and my house is virtually a wreck.  Devin managed to keep the kitchen relatively clean as he was the main chef all week and I finally got the laundry done and sheets and bedding sanitized and washed yesterday afternoon. 

So today I will at least share with you what I was dreaming about, planning, or watching during my week of death sickness. 

First is one of my favorite movies, Gigi staring Leslie Caron.  One benefit of being sick and confined to my bed is that I get to enjoy the movies I love, without Devin's opposition.  This movie started me on the whole French theme you will find in this post. 

Maxim's is featured in the movie Gigi and is a necessary stop during my next visit to Paris someday.  It is known for its amazing Art Nouveau styling.

I began thinking of my favorite french know just in case Devin and I have a baby girl someday.  These are the top 3.

Madeleine is how I would spell it I think also known as Maddy

Eloise is so dang cute and could be Elle for short
This is Vivienne Westwood's bridal designs...Love Vivienne and Vivi would be cute

Ok so then I start dreaming about this amazing fabric I found by Tula Pink for a baby girls room.  It is called Parisville!  I'm sure Devin is thrilled with my sickness thoughts at this point.  Well what the heck else am I supposed to do.  I think I am so eager to do a nursery!

So also as I'm sitting in my bed, I am surveying my surroundings and thinking that we need a new slipcover for our Ikea Ektorp chair in out bedroom so I decide on this. 

Bemz Slipcover

Finally to wrap it all up I watched Dr. Zhivago starring Omar Sharif (my favorite Egyptian) from beginning to end (it is 197 minutes long).  I forget how amazingly beautiful this film is.  I was happy I had all day to watch it.

That's it in a nut shell.  I am happy to be getting well so that I can maybe act on some of my plans and dreams.  Here's to wellness! 

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