Friday, April 1, 2011

Pre-Weekend Outdoor Inspiration

To get us in the spirit after the upcoming weekend, I have been gathering inspiration from various sources for our outdoor space.  This weekend will be pretty low key as to the amount of work we get done outside (due to a visit from my sister), but in an effort to stay the course with the backyard project after the weekend, I'm hoping to get some much needed motivation to tackle the big jobs. 

Also, with the upcoming Janet Jackson concert that my sister and I will be attending this weekend in mind, here is a little diddy that I'm pretty sure our yard will be singing to us next week...

Ok, back to the inspiration.  I love this simple clean look found here and the pop of red is nicely contrasted against the green. 

We have been considering a grid-like design similar to this found here, with our pavers spaced to allow some grass to grow between them.   

I love the texture in this space and the different elements involved.  We are considering some type of water element in our back yard and this one found here is simple and not the Trevi Fountain or anything crazy.

I like the natural look of this space found here, in contrast to the rigid concrete pavings.  It adds some softness to the space.

We have also been thinking of ways to light up our landscaping and house at night for 24 hour enjoyment. We like to party all night long, ok maybe not, but we certainly like the option.  You just never know when you will need to.  This image found here is a nice example of a 24 hour party patio.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will!

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