Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top Ten Spring Things

I am looking forward to working in the back yard this weekend and as an ode to spring and getting outside, here is a list of top ten things for spring.  Enjoy!

Amy Butler Fabric from Quilt Home

Extreme Barbecue Book from CB2

Cafe String Lights from Pottery Barn

Bird Bottle Opener from West Elm

Medium Triangle Silver Sail Shade from Overstock

Black Stone Garden Buddha Sculpture from Overstock

Platta Decking from IKEA

Pot Mover from Crate and Barrel

Sawyer Chair from CB2

Set of 3 Zinc Planters from Crate and Barrel

1 comment:

  1. Great ideas! I need several of these things. The bird bottle opener is wonderful and the pot mover is a must. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Spring is the time to get outside. (if the wind is not blowing 40 miles an hour)hee hee


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