Monday, April 18, 2011

We've Got MOLD!

Ok, not the bad kind of mold, but some awesome wire mold courtesy of my husband...I will explain.

UPDATE: The painters are at my house today to begin the prep work for our exterior paint job!  A crew came Saturday to do the powerwashing which made me giddy!  Now that the house is nice and dry, they can begin caulking and priming.  This is our first major purchase (or gift) for our house!  I am excited that we get to put our stamp on the exterior of our house since we certainly have been putting our stamp on the inside! 

So back to the point of this post, before they started to paint, we wanted to make a quick fix to our back porch lights.  The porch light was a "builder's special" fixture that needed to be replaced and to add a little twist, the previous owner's had tapped into the porch light to run a line for power to an additional sensored flood light.  So when I say run a line, I mean litterally just tacked up some electrical wire from one light fixture to the other.  It just didn't look very clean. 

Old porch light with wire running to sensor light

Old Sensor light

We opted to keep a light where the sensor light was because it provides good light to the yard if you are hanging out or playing in the yard in the evening, but decided to get a regular flood light type fixture without a sensor.  We like to be able to turn the light on and it stay on and when we aren't using it, it can be turned off.  And really, the sensor lights while perfectly functional are just not that pretty.  We decided on this ever so simple and cute flood light.  (kinda looks like eyes here)

New flood light

Devin decided to go with a wire mold to cover the wire from one fixture to the other and re-route the wire so that it made more sense.  He liked that the wire mold was flat rather than traditional conduit that is a round tube.  This would let the wire lay flat against the house and be less obtrusive.  Also, the painters would just paint the molding to match the siding color and the molding will virturally disapear.  (Hence why we had to get it done prior to the paint job). 

So Devin removed the existing light fixtures and installed the new wiremold!  He is awesome FYI!

Old light fixture and wire removed

Rather than run the wire mold under the beam like the previous owners did, Devin drilled a hole through the beam and added a junction box to run the electrical wire through from the back.  He was also able to move the light up a few inches to center it on the beam.  We still have a wire running vertically to the left of the j-box that is our cable line but hopefully that will look much better after it is painted to match the house. 

New junction box Devin installed
Devin cutting the wire mold

Devin working his magic

First half finished

And of course we would never get any projects finished without our trusty helpers!  Roxie made sure no strangers entered the back yard to see our handywork.  She is great at guarding the yard and running perimeter checks!

Wire mold completed.  Devin ran the mold into another box on the back of the beam for a clean look. 

Finished wire mold

Box on the back side of the beam

Once we Devin had the wire mold finished, I just had to see how the new porch light fixture was going to look.  So Devin very kindly did a quick mount of the porch light, not wired or anything, just to get the idea of how it will look, and make sure the wiremold met up with the light just right.

Dry run of the porch light installation

Close up of how the wire will run into the porch light to provide power to the flood light
A little taste of the finished lighting project
New porch light

We didn't do a dry run of the flood light installation, but I will post the final photos of the paint job with the new light fixtures installed soon!  I am just as excited as you are I'm sure! 

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