Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Have We Done For the Backyard Lately?

Well, truthfully, nothing and it was so nice!  The weekend was a success and the Janet concert was amazing!  My sister and I had a blast shopping, hanging out and ultimately getting our boogie on at the Janet Jackson show.  She was great and all the jams brought back lots of memories. 

I apologize for the not so great picture of her, but I just snapped a few quick ones and then focused on dancing the rest of the night.  

So after the recovery of staying up late and sleeping in late, which was great, it is time to re-group and re-focus on the upcoming weekend plans.  More yard work!  Here is a list of things we will be doing this weekend for our neglected back yard:
  1. Purchase more pavers
  2. Purchase and install metal edging for one side of the yard
  3. Remove existing grass in the proposed planting bed
  4. Purchase and install weed block fabric
  5. Purchase and plant 2 new Crepe Myrtles
  6. Relocate pea gravel to it's new home in the new planting bed
The decision to buy 2 additional crepe myrtle trees rather than transplanting our existing one made my husband very happy.  I decided I might like the crepe myrtles where they are currently but we definitely need more.

Existing Crepe Myrtle 1

Existing Crepe Myrtle 2

As a result of some impulse buys (two new bald cypress) our Big Backyard Plan has changed slightly as shown below.  We have now created a clearly defined separation between pea gravel and mulch in our planting beds.  We have a TON of pea gravel that was a part of the child's play area when we moved in, so we want to recycle it. 

So in the colors represent the following:  Green Grass, Brown Mulch and Gray Gravel.  Currently we have the northwest corner filled with gravel, and rather than relocate it multiple times, we are going to start the bed on the east fence line so we can move the gravel to it's permanent home.  Below is it's current location, try not to cringe at the sight.

We have chosen to use a heavy duty steel edging in the hopes that it will withstand the test of time. 

Also we are going to use a good landscaping cloth under the gravel to prevent weed growth.

So to sum up, we will be focusing just on the east portion of the yard this weekend.  Baby steps right!?!  Maybe we can run into to the "Backyard Crasher" crew at the home improvement store, that would be the ideal scenario. 

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  1. great plan! baby steps is right way to go. But keep steppin and soon you will be walking in a beautiful back yard. (I want to walk in it also.)


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