Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Bath UPDATE

Ok I know it has been like a bazillion months since we finished the master bathroom project...well almost finished.  I would say I just needed time to bask in the greatness that is our master bathroom!  Well Ok maybe not, but I purchased these lovely Whirlies from CB2 for less than $4 a pop to hang above the bathtub as my ode to a chandelier.  They hold a tea light in each beautifully suspended orb. 

CB2 Whirly

So rather than actually running power to the tub to electrify a beautiful chandelier, I opted for a CANDLEier of sorts.  No electricity required.  Here you can see the tub area as we left it...the Whirlies are actually sitting on the back of the tub.  I apologize for the night shot where the window looks like some kind of black Plexiglas or something...but that is usually when our projects get completed...or semi-completed as shown here!

And now for the after shot of the Whirlies (this word is getting more and more silly every time I type it) are installed.  Once again at night with the dark window...

So cute right?  Especially with the "dried" flowers sitting on the window sill.  Ok they are dead, note to self, pick up nice living flowers on the way home.  But hey the whirlies (silly) are up and I love them!  Here's to getting the Little Giant ladder up the stairs (thank you Devin) in order to install the hooks in the ceiling to hang them.  Those ceilings are high man!  You want a closer look...Ok done!

You can kind of see the tea lights burning inside them here.  It is hard to capture their true beauty with our cheapo digital camera, but you get the idea.  Devin had some concerns about the heat generated from my hot bod the tea lights so I will start investigating the battery operated tea lights that I see "floating" around.   Hahaha pun totally intended.  The ideal scenario would be to get the remote controlled battery operated tea light!  That way I can quickly turn them on as I am running a nice inviting bubbly bath!  Oh yeah that sounds so nice!  Hey now that I think about it...these little gems kind of resemble bubbles!  Bonus! 

Well that's about it folks.  Stay tuned to when I finally get around to covering a little vanity stool (that is hidden under our vanity in sea foam green fabric) in that super cute sunny yellow fabric like the window panel.  Oy! the list of things to do.... 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top Ten Yellow and Gray Fabrics!

Realizing I have not posted a top ten list in a while, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to share with all of you the fabric I have been pondering for our master bedroom lamp.  As I mentioned here, I purchased this lamp at Goodwill for $7 and am eventually going to paint it blue and wanted to add some fun color and pattern to the lamp shade that I purchased at Home Goods for $12.

Being as our color scheme in the master bedroom is mainly gray with pops of yellow, yellow and gray fabric is what I have been searching for.  So here goes!  My Top Ten contenders for fabric to cover my white lamp shade:

Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow

Ty Pennington Impressions

Joel Dewberry Aviary 2

Kate Spain Central Park

Ty Pennington Impressions

Joel Dewberry Aviary 2

Ty Pennington Impressions

Ty Pennington Impressions

Ty Pennington Impressions
Here's hoping for a super cute lamp soon!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our First Outdoor Transplant!

With the amazing weather we had this last weekend, Devin and I decided to tackle some front yard work that we have been discussing since we moved in basically.  We had some wonky landscaping that needed to be "dealt with".  Aside from desperately needing some pruning and trimming, the front yard was in need of some TLC since we like to see the front of our house when we come home.  I don't know if the previous owners were afraid of the house being seen or if yard work was just not their thing, but man did it need some work.  Below is a pic of the house prior to moving in.  Just see if you can find the front door.  

NOPE!  No front door to be seen.  We could barely walk in the front yard because the tree limbs were so low.  Devin couldn't wait to start trimming the tree, he did a little trimming before we moved in while we were painting the interior. 

So last weekend we focused on the Mountain Laurel that is right smack in front of the column of the porch and that pesky little shrub that is right smack in front of the walk to the porch.  Devin also has to park carefully in the drive to avoid hitting the darn thing with his car door or having to step out onto shrub!

Prior to our work this weekend
The Mountain Laurel was getting the hack job.  I was debating on this for the now two years that we have lived in the house.  Because the laurels are so pretty, I wanted to move one of them to the back yard somewhere but finally opted to just cut it down.  The number one reason was because of the size of it and the number 2 reason was because I didn't know where I wanted to put it in the back yard and decided we could just plant a new one if we decided to. 

Bye Bye sweet Laurel

One last view of the laurel blocking the front of the house
Our goal was to open up the front of the house and make it more inviting.  We realized this more than ever after the house was painted and you couldn't see the beautiful paint job!  Before we were totally happy to cover the fact that it needed to be painted so badly. 

After the laurel was cut down
We ended up leaving about a foot of laurel trunk to keep as a bush for now.  We may eventually dig up the root ball and get rid of the entire thing, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it then.  I LOVE the way the entry just opened up after it was gone!

The view of BOTH columns leading to our front porch
We also took the opportunity to get the planting bed cleaned up and ready to re-edge with new metal edging, add new plants and new mulch. 

Laurel gone and planting bed getting cleared
We also got the area ready for transplanting the shrub that was in front of the walkway!  We are going to move all three shrubs adjacent to the front walkway to the front of the porch railing to create the taller background of the planting bed and open up the walk even more.   

Devin working hard and wondering what I was working on I'm sure

So far we have moved the one shrub that was the main issue.

Shrub dug out and placed where we will plant it
Devin was super pleased with how simple it was to dig out the shrub.  This is officially our first transplant (as our post title describes) and it was a little daunting.  Luckily Devin and I (yes I helped dig out the plant) were a great team and the whole process took like 15 minutes.

Shrub waiting for it's hole to be dug
 TaDa!  Just look how beautiful the front of our house looks now!  Well it's a start at least.  It will be much prettier once the project is complete.

Transplant complete!
At least now you can see our front door from the street and see the walk (that we eventually will expand out towards the street) to the front door. 

To remind you, here is the before...

and after...

I would say it is an improvement with many more to come I'm sure!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Beautifully Painted House!

So, life has been a little hectic these last few weeks and I have not had the time to take some pics of the newly painted house as mentioned here.  But last week while I was cooking dinner, I took the time to snap a few quick pics in between stirs.  I cannot believe how beautiful the house looks and how badly it really needed a paint job.  So to accurately view the beautiful-ness you will need to see the before pics to fully appreciate the after pics.

Front of our house BEFORE

 You can see in the above picture (kind of) the two colors we chose for the house.  The garage doors are the Mindful Gray and the trim around them are the Pure White. 

Our front porch BEFORE

Our front porch AFTER
Trying to get a good picture of the front proved difficult with all the foliage that needs to be trimmed (and the dinner cooking on the stove).  We need to do a little trimming of the trees now that we are not trying to hide our desperately-in-need of a paint job house.

Our front porch before

Our front porch AFTER
I love the crisp clean white against the red brick and our black front door!

Keep your eyes peeled and your finger ready to click on an upcoming post about our frosted house number window next to our front door.  It is our most frequent compliment to our house when we answer the front door.  I think people trying to find our house love the ease of seeing our house number displayed prominently.

You may also notice that we added a kick plate to the bottom of our newly painted front door.  We have been wanting to install one and the fresh paint job encouraged us to install it late one Saturday night. 

Our Front Door BEFORE
Our Front Door AFTER
The back of the house is what we are most proud of since it is all siding and was where the need for a new paint job was most apparent.  The back porch now looks so clean and brand new.  The addition of black paint to the french doors made such a huge difference also.  You will also notice the new porch light as discussed here and new door hardware that was hurriedly installed the same night as the front kick plate.  I am also pleased to see how closely the resulting paint job resembles my photoshop-ed version of the below picture in this post.
Our Back Door BEFORE

Our Back Door AFTER

Like I said, the back of the house is definitely where the paint job is most noticed.  Mostly because of the white paint chosen for the trim around all the windows and the wooden railing at the upstairs balcony.

Back of Our House BEFORE (pre-move in)

Back of Our House AFTER

Also notice the new light fixture hanging from the upstairs balcony's freshly painted white ceiling.  We just love the extra oomph it gives the back facade.

We are so pleased with the outcome and we think it couldn't be any better had we done it ourselves (but so glad we didn't do it ourselves)!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Art of Creating Custom Art

As you have seen in the previous post, that I made Devin and I custom artwork for our master bedroom as an anniversary gift.  I have been slowly working on the master bedroom one small item at a time and I wanted to add some artwork above our bed that was totally about us.  I played around in Photoshop (my best friend) and came up with the designs below. 

The first design is our establishment date (our wedding date).  I chose two fonts to use throughout the design to keep it simple, then I just played around with the configuration by rotating and resizing the text.  I selected a yellow background to go with our yellow and gray duvet in the bedroom and made the text white.  If you don't have Photoshop you possibly could get the similar result using Publisher or Word.

The second design is our silhouette as we are walking down the aisle at our wedding.  Again I busted out the Photoshop to create the silhouette from one of our wedding pictures, added our new title (in the same font as used in the first one) "the Young's" and voila!  Instant customization.  I made this background blue because I am going to add little touches of blue throughout the bedroom as an accent.  The process of creating the silhouette in Photoshop is a little more advanced so I would recommend reading up on the process if you are not familiar, hire that process out, or get a friend who has Photoshopping skills to help you out. 

The third and final design is a lyric from our wedding song that we first danced to as husband and wife.  This was super simple and it coordinates by using the same font as the other two and the same yellow background color as the first.  I added a shamrock to the bottom of the lyric to graphically depict the "lucky" part of the lyric. 

Then I just uploaded the image files to Walgreens Photo and had them printed out in poster size 16X20 and picked them up at my local store within hours.  This was such a benefit as I had only decided to present them as gifts to my husband days before our anniversary.

I then purchased white frames from IKEA to put them in and the result after they were hung in the bedroom is this:

We still need to move our lamps hanging over our night stands over so that they are actually over our nightstands.  We have yet to move them since our upgrade from queen size bed to ginormous king size since this task requires busting out the "Little Giant" ladder to reach the 10 foot ceilings in the room.  Looking at this image will encourage us to get 'er done now!  

Here is another view with slightly less glare from the windows in the room.  I should also note that the hanging lamps above the night stands were DIY-ed by me several years ago out of block candle holders from Target, light cord kit from IKEA and white velum. 

Since I am sharing one project in the master bedroom, I will share another and one yet to come.  Here is another angle of our bedroom where you can see our lounge chair and side table with lamp and yellow Basset Hound!  Yes I said yellow basset hound!  Our version of Ol' Yeller!  

I purchased this lovely basset hound puppy statue from Hobby Lobby for half off with the intention of painting it yellow to match our bedroom and be placed lovingly in our bedroom.  Coincidentally, Roxie sleeps in this chair at night so she can enjoy Ol' Yeller standing guard as she sleeps. 

Yes the lamp base is brass, you are seeing it right.  I purchased this lovely at Goodwill for $7 with the intention of painting it as well.  I am eventually going to paint it blue to coordinate with the blue in our silhouette poster and provide another accent of blue in the room.  The drum lamp shade is a Home Goods purchase!  I am toying with the idea of adding some type of yellow and gray patterned fabric to it.  We will see after I get the lamp base painted blue.  Spray paint is purchased, now to just DO IT!

If you like the idea of customized artwork similar to the ones shown above and are too overwhelmed to attempt that project, feel free to visit my Etsy shop where you can order one to your specification and I will custom make it for you.    
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