Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Bath UPDATE

Ok I know it has been like a bazillion months since we finished the master bathroom project...well almost finished.  I would say I just needed time to bask in the greatness that is our master bathroom!  Well Ok maybe not, but I purchased these lovely Whirlies from CB2 for less than $4 a pop to hang above the bathtub as my ode to a chandelier.  They hold a tea light in each beautifully suspended orb. 

CB2 Whirly

So rather than actually running power to the tub to electrify a beautiful chandelier, I opted for a CANDLEier of sorts.  No electricity required.  Here you can see the tub area as we left it...the Whirlies are actually sitting on the back of the tub.  I apologize for the night shot where the window looks like some kind of black Plexiglas or something...but that is usually when our projects get completed...or semi-completed as shown here!

And now for the after shot of the Whirlies (this word is getting more and more silly every time I type it) are installed.  Once again at night with the dark window...

So cute right?  Especially with the "dried" flowers sitting on the window sill.  Ok they are dead, note to self, pick up nice living flowers on the way home.  But hey the whirlies (silly) are up and I love them!  Here's to getting the Little Giant ladder up the stairs (thank you Devin) in order to install the hooks in the ceiling to hang them.  Those ceilings are high man!  You want a closer look...Ok done!

You can kind of see the tea lights burning inside them here.  It is hard to capture their true beauty with our cheapo digital camera, but you get the idea.  Devin had some concerns about the heat generated from my hot bod the tea lights so I will start investigating the battery operated tea lights that I see "floating" around.   Hahaha pun totally intended.  The ideal scenario would be to get the remote controlled battery operated tea light!  That way I can quickly turn them on as I am running a nice inviting bubbly bath!  Oh yeah that sounds so nice!  Hey now that I think about it...these little gems kind of resemble bubbles!  Bonus! 

Well that's about it folks.  Stay tuned to when I finally get around to covering a little vanity stool (that is hidden under our vanity in sea foam green fabric) in that super cute sunny yellow fabric like the window panel.  Oy! the list of things to do.... 

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