Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Beautifully Painted House!

So, life has been a little hectic these last few weeks and I have not had the time to take some pics of the newly painted house as mentioned here.  But last week while I was cooking dinner, I took the time to snap a few quick pics in between stirs.  I cannot believe how beautiful the house looks and how badly it really needed a paint job.  So to accurately view the beautiful-ness you will need to see the before pics to fully appreciate the after pics.

Front of our house BEFORE

 You can see in the above picture (kind of) the two colors we chose for the house.  The garage doors are the Mindful Gray and the trim around them are the Pure White. 

Our front porch BEFORE

Our front porch AFTER
Trying to get a good picture of the front proved difficult with all the foliage that needs to be trimmed (and the dinner cooking on the stove).  We need to do a little trimming of the trees now that we are not trying to hide our desperately-in-need of a paint job house.

Our front porch before

Our front porch AFTER
I love the crisp clean white against the red brick and our black front door!

Keep your eyes peeled and your finger ready to click on an upcoming post about our frosted house number window next to our front door.  It is our most frequent compliment to our house when we answer the front door.  I think people trying to find our house love the ease of seeing our house number displayed prominently.

You may also notice that we added a kick plate to the bottom of our newly painted front door.  We have been wanting to install one and the fresh paint job encouraged us to install it late one Saturday night. 

Our Front Door BEFORE
Our Front Door AFTER
The back of the house is what we are most proud of since it is all siding and was where the need for a new paint job was most apparent.  The back porch now looks so clean and brand new.  The addition of black paint to the french doors made such a huge difference also.  You will also notice the new porch light as discussed here and new door hardware that was hurriedly installed the same night as the front kick plate.  I am also pleased to see how closely the resulting paint job resembles my photoshop-ed version of the below picture in this post.
Our Back Door BEFORE

Our Back Door AFTER

Like I said, the back of the house is definitely where the paint job is most noticed.  Mostly because of the white paint chosen for the trim around all the windows and the wooden railing at the upstairs balcony.

Back of Our House BEFORE (pre-move in)

Back of Our House AFTER

Also notice the new light fixture hanging from the upstairs balcony's freshly painted white ceiling.  We just love the extra oomph it gives the back facade.

We are so pleased with the outcome and we think it couldn't be any better had we done it ourselves (but so glad we didn't do it ourselves)!

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