Monday, June 27, 2011

Growing and Maybe Not So Much

Devin and I have been struggling to keep our plants alive the last few months due to the severe drought that is occurring in our fair city of Austin, with some success.  Behold one of the two bald cypress trees we planted a while back from this post

Looking pretty good right?  Well Roxie sure thinks so.  Also you may notice Devin's little trick with some left over plastic edging to create a dam for the water to stay put around the tree.  Yes we still need to mulch the trees!

Well sadly as far as the number 2 bald cypress we is not fairing as well.

Notice the extra plastic edging dam created by Devin to help this poor struggling tree.  We are not so sure what happened with this poor guy but we are suspecting some Round Up action around the base to rid the area of grass may have done the trick.  BUT, we are hopeful that he will survive because this is what we see coming back!!

Yes those are some green leaves sprouting out among the sad orange ones.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this big guy makes it OK.  I have been out there giving him encouraging words.  "Grow baby grow, you can do it!"

In the mean time, Devin has also started a little growth project of his own.  Devin comes from a cotton growing family, yup straight from the farm.  Grandpa and Grandma Young had a farm, E I E I O, so my husband wanted to try his hand at a little cotton growing to see if growing cotton could be a genetic trait.  Well GAWLY, it just might be, he planted the seeds and a day or two later this is what we have!

OK it might be a little easier to plant cotton in a pot and control the water that it gets and bring the pots in during bad weather, but hey it's growing!  A week later the seedlings are getting bigger and bigger!  Maybe we will have ourselves a mini bale of cotton someday!

On that note, you should know that farming is hard and it just takes it right out of you!  Take it from Lillie.

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