Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Special Day Just Cuz!

By way of Colorado, New Mexico, back to Colorado, finally to Texas, my cousin arrived for a short visit and some fun in the sun of Austin with her new beau Jon.  Luckily it wasn't melt your face off hot so that we could walk around the UT campus here in Austin and take a look at amazing trees and beautiful soffits of buildings.  The infamous tower at Texas was a main stopping point for a photo op taken from Jon's cell phone as that was all the camera we had at the moment.

Me and Sarah

Sarah and Jon
After we were thoroughly heated, we popped over to a local watering hole for a snack and a cool beverage in the shade.  This is where I experience my first taste of mussels.  I was hesitant at first and then pleasantly surprised by their deliciousness! 

As for whom I lost my mussels virginity with, this is my cousin Sarah and her new beau Jon.  Thanks guys for being with me during this special time.  Actually Sarah was a total mussel virgin as well so we were able to endure this new culinary experience together.  So, I guess it is really thanks to Jon for ordering them.  My life is forever changed!

Yes they were delicious!  I had no problem eating them!  Enter, obscene picture of mussel eating!  Holy tongue action!  Man that thing is huge! (that's what she said)

Once we had our fill of food and drink to replenish us after the campus tour, we headed downtown for art and dinner (I know, more food).  We visited the Arthouse at the Jones Center in downtown Austin.  It is a gallery space which has recently been renovated.  Check out this link for its fabulous transformation.  It is a amazingly beautiful space and is totally free, with the request for a $5 donation.  Sweet deal.  There are several super fun, inspiring, thought provoking exhibits currently and I would recommend the stop on any Austin visit or for all the locals out there.  I was of course captured the most by the architecture of the space.  Particularly the main stair.  Devin and I have been photographing various sets of stairs during our travels and outings to create a collage of framed stair pics on our stair way wall.  More on that as it develops...ha pun totally unintended. 

Because I loved these so much, I included the pictures in XL!  These will be an excellent addition to our growing collection. 

That's about it folks!  We wrapped up the evening at our casa and our company headed out to continue their Texas tour the next day.  We loved having them and they are most definitely welcome any time! 

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