Friday, July 15, 2011

Austin Modern Architecture For Your Viewing Pleasure

Living in Austin, TX affords us the luxury of many things like great food, art, green space, lakes, vintage shopping and Great Modern Architecture!  I gather inspiration by perusing the listings on Austin Home Search for some examples of interesting modern pieces of architecture and tried not to drool on my keyboard too much!  Here is a little taste of what Austin has to offer!

This home is located in Central Austin and is actually a renovation project.  I believe it was completely gutted and renovated including the commercial windows!!  Me Likey!  For an easy $1.5 million it could be yours!
I love the concrete "stepping stone" path to the front door. 
I love the idea of NO upper cabinets in the kitchen which then allows for amazing windows above the counters. 
The exposed structure is super cool also, but I'm not too sure how I feel about the mega spot lights focused on the ceiling.  I understand what they were trying to accomplish because the ceiling area I'm sure stays pretty dark but I'm sure there was a better streamlined option.
Lots of texture with all the different materials...

This 2.6 million dollar beauty is located in Austin's Westlake area.  This home seems like the ultimate entertaining house!  It has almost 8,000 square feet!  Ca-Razy!  But that pool alone beckons me today as it is another 100+ scorcher in our fair city!

Just think of the dancin' that could happen in this living room!  You could have prom in this room!
Amazing kitchen island with 8 stools!  Yeah 8 people sitting in a row at the counter, I would feel like I was a waitress in a diner working in this kitchen!  But CHECK out the views!
If this house were mine, I would own stock in Swiffer!

For a cool $2.2 million you could be enjoying this gem.  Also located in the Westlake area, it overlooks Lake Austin.
The facade offers this super cool breezeway looking straight through to a big oak tree and the hill country behind the house. 

I quite enjoy the seamless deck transition out to the back!

Super sweet infinity pool!  Awww...if only!

Pretty simple idea for screening the stairs...hmm, I think I could DIY that one!

If we head over to South Austin we could enjoy this beauty.  This is more on target for those budget conscience buyers out there for $699,900!  This yard looks like an amazing entertaining space, I could definitely see some bocce going down there!

The showpiece for me on the interior are these amazing windows between the counters and cabinets in the kitchen!  AMAZING! 
I enjoy this simple shade device! 
More concrete stepping stones!  LOVE!

The last example here is also located in South Austin, and is priced at $525,000.  This example offers great natural light! 

I love this simple all white kitchen with stainless appliances. 

The kitchen and living space create one Great room.  Just look at that light!  Energy savings is always a plus!
The bath is another clean and simple space with its gray tile!

Gorgeous bamboo floors are our dream, these look great with the gray.  The capiz chandelier is a nice touch!

There you have it!  Enjoy the weekend folks!  If you happen to purchase one of these homes, let me know so I can invite myself over for a visit! 

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