Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bamboo Shade

Once upon a time, in a land about 700 miles away, Devin and I moved into our first house together.  We were just renting at the time in Albuquerque, but is was a big step for us.  We moved out of our separate dwellings (me an apartment and him a house he shared with 2 roommates) and officially began cohabitation.  After the big move, we of course had a house warming party and one of our house warming gifts by a dear friend was a gift card to World Market Cost Plus.  We proceeded to buy a beautiful bamboo shade for our kitchen window.

Well we lived in this house for a year and a half before we packed up and moved to Austin for the long haul.  The bamboo shade of course traveled with us but has been stored in our garage for the last 3 years.  Our first home in Austin was also a rent house so we didn't make ourselves too much at home there so finally this was my chance to use this beloved bamboo shade once again!  Eureka!

Enter the loft.  This is what we call our 'studio space'.  It is part art studio, music studio, sewing studio, and craft studio.  It is essentially a catch all space.  We did manage to get the room painted during the pre-move in painting blitz simply because this is what it used to look like when we purchased the house.

Super cute kids play area right, but no good for our loft/studio space.  So this is what it looked like on Saturday pre bamboo project.

Notice the bamboo shade hanging out in the corner just waiting to be hung in the window.  Well I added an arrow in case you can't see past all the other crap hanging out in the room. 

This image is a great reminder to get this space in order ASAP!  But the first step would be to get the beautiful bamboo baby hung up, this would require a minor adjustment to the width of the shade.  Our window width is 70" and the shade measured 72" wide.  So I had to do a little adjustment to the two larger bamboo dowels at the top and bottom with a hack saw.  I took one inch off of each side to keep the symmetry. 

Then came the big guns AKA tin snips.  I started out with Devin's handy dandy lineman tool but it was slow going trimming all the bamboo slats...enter tin snips!  They did the job in half the time.

Voila, done and done!  The shade fit perfectly in the window with just 3 hooks screwed into the top of the window frame. 

I am so in love with the warmth and texture it gave the room.  I also love the privacy it provides while still allowing diffused light into the room. 

But wait, it ain't over yet!  Did you happen to notice the black curtain rod mounted above the window in the prior pics, well I had hung curtains I had made for our prior home out of IKEA fabric in the window for the time being.  They were going back up after a quick wash and press.  So after all 4 panels were pressed, I attached the clip on curtain rings to mimic a pinch pleat. 

Awww...c'est magnifique!  I LOVE the new look.  The colors in the bamboo go so well with the colors in the curtains.  It totally warmed up the space!  Now we can simply open and close the shade without having to draw the curtains all the time! 

For those of you who appreciate a good before and after pic, here ya go!

The moral of the story is, it pays to hold on to the things you love if you are able to reuse them later!  And we all lived happily bamboo shaded ever after!

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