Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ol' Switcheroo

Back in April, Devin and I had our one year wedding anniversary.  To go along with tradition we exchanged gifts of paper.  I presented him with the posters I made for our bedroom head wall as seen here and here.  I also made him this print of the Young coat of arms which explains the origin of OUR name. 

And he made me these: a super sweet love letter (which contents have be blurred for a little privacy, but I promise it is so sweet and made me cry)

and a certificate of completion for one year of being the best wife ever (again the actual wording has been blurred to protect the innocent remain private between us) which I have yet to buy a little (it is only 4x5 size) frame for. 

So now that we are up to speed, here is how they have been living in our bedroom for the last couple of weeks, which I might add is an improvement from them just being stacked on the dresser with a bunch of other junk that just gets sets there.  This is our Wall O' Love where I have put some of our wedding photos and our guest book and a couple of our wedding gifts. 

Well 3 months of looking like this is about as much as I can take, so back to the drawing board in order to get the two new frames added to the wall.  To quickly lay out my frames I put everything in my drafting program, Auto Cad.  I know I know, it's the nerdy architect way to do it but it is quick and accurate for me.  I measure all the frames and mirror and start playing with them in the program.  Here is what I came up with.

So after measuring the top frames to make sure they are at the right height and width (which is the same width as the dresser below the frames), I started filling in the space according to plan.  This includes me holding up the frame on the wall to eye it and nail it.  I have discovered over many years that I get much better results when I eye it rather than measuring and marking and doing all the tedious steps and it saves a ton of time. The process took me about 20 minutes which included time to stop and rub Lillie's belly as she was my project helper.

I relocated Ol' Yeller from the lamp table as seen here and added a few other items I had on hand like an Asian jar that we keep change in and an obelisk from trip I took with my family many years ago. 

Also a beautiful small gray Buddha I found for $10 at Burlington Coat Factory, (that place surprises me every time I'm in there) a yellow glass vase I purchased ages ago with some clippings from our laurel out front and a blue glass vessel that my late grandmother gave me many a moon ago. 

It looks so much better now and I can sleep better without having to look at the mess in that part of the room.  Now if I can fix the jewelry box situation (it totally does not go with the furniture in the room anymore) our bedroom will almost be complete...well for the time being.

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