Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our #1 Complimented DIY Project to Date

By far the most complimented thing about our house is our address.  Not because it is the super special coveted number by all, but because you can see it!  You see when we moved into the house, the front door looked like this...

You may notice that the sidelight (or window to the side of the door) is completely bare with no shade or blind.  You could literally see straight to our back yard from the street through this window.  And once we moved in, we noticed that from our couch we could see our neighbors across the street coming in and out of their front door, which had us thinking "hmm...can they see us sitting lazily on our couch in front of the TV?"  Well that had us a little concerned, not for the fact that they would catch us being lazy but the fact that they could see us period.  What if for a moment I had to run downstairs to the kitchen before jumping in the shower while totally nude...(yes this has definitely happened) or we implement "naked time" we want the option folks!

Ok for the sake of too much information, I will skip to the point.  We opted to frost the window.  I didn't much care for the idea of hanging a blind, shade or curtain in this little window.  It would just collect dust or be bulky or something!  We also had some complaints about not being able to find our house because our builder supplied house number is located to the right of the garage above a large bush.  See if you can spot it below. 

So this was our opportunity to kill two birds with one stone! (FYI, no birds were killed during this process)  We cut our house number out of the frosted window film.  Our house number has 5 digits and the window has 5 panels.  PERFECT!

We purchased our supplies at our nearest home improvement super store which included:
1.  Frosted Window Film

2.  Window Film Application Solution
The manufacturer also sells a kit of supplies needed for the job, but we had the other items already so we saved a few bucks.  The other tools needed for the job are:
3.  tape measure
4.  sharp utility knife or Xacto knife
5.  squeegee
6.  printed number on 8.5x11 letter size paper
7.  painters tape

In order to get the number size and position correct on the window I selected a font I liked and just super sized it in Photoshop until it was a decent size for the window.  This included printing several sizes and taping them up in the window to test.  

Once I had all the numbers printed, I taped up the window film cut slightly larger than the window (I would trim up the edges after it was installed to ensure all the edges were covered by the film) and then taped the numbers to the film.  Printing the numbers in jet black made it easy to see them through the film to make sure they were lined up correctly.  I also made sure to mark the corners of the window on the film which was important to ensure that the numbers were in their proper places and they were all straight once the film went up.  Then I took the film down that had the numbers taped to it as the template for Devin to use his handy dandy Xacto knife skills to cut out the numbers from the film. 

Next came installing the window film per the manufacturer's specifications.  Here is a how too video of how it is properly done, we may have used some creative license to install ours. 

And here is our final outcome...

I love the ability to provide some privacy but still maintaining the diffused daylight and the ability to look out of the numbered clear spots.  In the evening it is particularly nice to have the number glow with the light from inside shining through.  I kid you not, every person that walks up to our door (and even those that just drive by) comment on the numbers.  The delivery people especially enjoy them as it makes our house easier to locate.  And as you can see, the animals (in this case Lillie) still have a nice view out of the bottom number. 

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