Friday, July 22, 2011

Top Ten Animal Art Pieces

Devin and I are admittedly animal fans and we have inadvertently begun an animal art collection as we have snagged a cute little basset hound figure here and there or have had them as gifts bestowed upon us.  I have also been known to have large scale prints made of all four of our furry babies made for display in our home.  Since we love them, this is an ode to all things animal. 

We have our eye on this big guy!  He will be mine, oh yes he will be mine!

You can't beat a totally personalized piece like this poster size print I made of our Lillie.

This Austin artist has become one of my favorites!  You can commission a piece from her of your favorite pet. 

We also will be purchasing this fella to add to our growing basset hound collection.

This is a super cool piece from Modern House Art.

These cute paper mache birds by David Stark can be found at West Elm!

This artist is amazing with a pencil which is his only medium. 

Devin and I fell in love with these origami-esque figures at Z-Gallerie.

I have been a long time admirer of the cardboard taxidermy out there but this longhorn may have me to work on convincing Devin and finding a place to put him!  Hmmm....

And of course to end this list, we have another basset hound by Robert Bradford.  These sculptures are created from plastic toys.

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