Monday, August 1, 2011

One Adventure at a Time

During this crazy hectic life we have been leading for the last several weeks, we managed to sneak in a little wandering around this fair city of ours.  We (my husband mostly due to his current obsession with American Pickers) decided to check out an Antique Mall that we had seen on the way to somewhere.  It was basically a big warehouse with some small embellishment to denote the main entrance.  Devin and I will go to these places with no assumptions and let the place speak for itself, sometimes they have nice things to say and other times, not so much.  I do have to admit that I did go into this excursion with not much enthusiasm as my stomach gauge was on empty and the light had been on for a while already

Well my low enthusiasm was shortly thereafter lifted when we walked in and I cast my eyes upon these lovelies!  All of the beautiful glassware calling my name and displayed according to color!  That is truly glass after my own heart!  I then knew it was meant to be.

I admittedly have had a mild obsession with milk glass as of late, and this shelf of white glass goodness was just what the doctor ordered...well at least it quieted my stomach for a while.  I was surprised by how well priced everything was, I found several items I loved for under 10 bucks!  But rather than pick all the items I loved at the first booth I looked in, I opted to walk around and check the HUGE place out. 

Keep in mind that this place is a giant warehouse and is not super glamorous, which means the overhead is pretty low and you don't pay out the wazoo for stuff.  One other way to tell that the overhead is low is by the temperature in the building.  Wowser, I know it was 140 degrees outside (ok small exaggeration, it was probably 102) but it was a little steamy inside. 

Toughing through the heat and the grumbling belly, I managed to find several other items I could have taken home with me that day!  Like this super cute tray table.  I think it was about $130 and I would have loved to have it, but wasn't quite sure where I could have used it.  I'm sure I can find a place and may have to return to make that little baby mine!

Speaking of babies, I have always been in love with prams.  No idea what a pram is?  Well this antique mall has one, in GREAT condition I might add and at a great price...but I don't quite remember the price.  doesn't Devin's lower body look so nice with it, he could totally pull off pushing this puppy down the street!  I was instantly in love!  But since we are not with child, and not sure how practical a pram would be even if we were with child, the pram remains at the antique shop.  Bummer!

One last item to share with you (before it became too intolerable with the heat and my last nerve flaring up due to the state of my starvation) is this Strawberry Shortcake carrying case.  I had to share number one because I used to play with this gem at my grandmother's house because my great grandmother had a collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and I remember the smell of the case and the dolls like it was just yesterday and number two because I can't really be old enough to remember playing with an item classified as an antique can I?  (Oh and try to ignore the scary ventriloquist doll hanging next to it, man that thing was creepy!)

Sadly we left empty handed due to my delicate state of starvation, but hope to return to pick up a couple of items that might be a nice addition to our ever changing home.

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