Monday, August 15, 2011

This Little Lamp of Mine

Update: The jury is still out on what to do in the laundry room, but I can tell you there is some pattern hang in there for a full blown post about it.

But in the mean time, I did manage to FINALLY get around to painting that good old lamp that I purchased from Goodwill several months back.  Remember this is what it looked like in all of it's brassiness...

I purchased the lamp for a whopping 7 dollar...holla, with the intention of painting it a fun color.  The shape of the base was nice and a simple barrel lamp shade would modern it up.  So FINALLY, it got all taped up with someplace to go, the back yard to get a spray down.

I found a color of spray paint that would work in our bedroom and actually in the living/kitchen area also, at Hobby Lobby.  Sometimes you must branch out beyond the hardware store to find better colors of spray paint.  So I went with this Lagoon color in a Rustoleum paint.

I won't bore you with the spraying application details, but I did this quick little project at 9 AM and it was already 95 degrees outside so I had to work quick.  The optimal temperature to paint according to the can was between 68 and 90 I took my chances. 

I think it turned out lovely.  The color emphasizes the curvy shape of the lamp even more.  The color turned out pretty darn nice and it actually almost perfectly matches the paint in out breakfast area.

By the time it was coated 3 times, I was a hot mess!  Yeah sweating was involved in this project that required me to be out in the sun for maybe 5 minutes at a time!  I am ready for fall!  I let the lamp dry fully, inside, out of the heat, and then put it back in its spot in our master bedroom. 

Now to spruce up the lamp shade.  I have been toying with several ideas, one is to cover it with fabric, and two is to stencil or stamp a pattern on the shade...the jury again, is still out. 

We would love to hear from you!  Have you had great experiences with spray painting found objects at thrift stores?  Have you found a pattern that you are just absolutely in love with?  Let us know, we are all ears!

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  1. love the lamp! I have had quite a lot of experience spray painting. The key is to take your time (which is hard for me).


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