Friday, September 2, 2011

Kitchen Island Phase 3- Framing Fun

I'm pretty sure you all (like maybe 10 people) are wanting to see our progress in the Kitchen to bask in over the long Labor Day weekend!  So worry no more, here is where we left you in the last post.

That is Lillie checking out the patched floor...she loved it by the way, gave it two paws up.  After letting the cement cure for 24 hours we officially placed the cabinets and leveled them so we could start attaching the frames. 

We opted to frame out 3 walls so that we could re-run the electrical back through (pretty much like the original island) to supply power to 4 outlets.  So we framed out two wing walls at 18"Lx34"H out of 2x4 studs.  We then drilled a hole in the bottom of the wing wall where the electrical will be entering the wall cavity.

After all the frames were built and placed we connected them all together and attached them to the cabinets.

Next was Devin's time to shine!  Out came the big ol' auger bit to drill holes in all the studs to run the wiring through to all the single gang outlet boxes.  He is so good!  I should also mention here that on the right side of the below picture, we had to cut out the carpet where the wing wall would be sitting.  We plan to tile where that carpet was.

What gorgeousness!  This is when my heart starts pumping in so much excitement!  What can I say, I love construction!  With all the wiring completed, we were then able to take our measurements for the plywood sheeting to cover the walls.  We opted for cabinet grade plywood to make the island all match the cabinets rather than building a sheetrock wall like the original island was.  So we solicited a little help from Buddha, well at least his weight, and we used our circular saw (which by the way is a hand me down from my mother and perhaps to her from her father) along our snapped chalk line.  Thanks mom for having awesome tools to pass down and for generally being such a handy ma'am!

Once our sheets were cut, we had to mark where out new gang boxes were located so we could cut them out accordingly.  It was quite handy to have the open sides of the wall to just physically mark where the boxes were on the back side of the plywood.  On the long wall where we couldn't access the back of the plywood, we had to do the good ol' measure twice and cut once method.

Devin again, shining in all his drilling glory!  Using the drill to drill holes in the corners of the rectangle that would be cut out for the gang boxes...

in order to insert the jigsaw into the holes and cut the rectangle out!  Yay for power tools!

Perfect fit!  We then could nail the plywood onto the frame with finishing nails, making sure to counter sink them so we could fill them before we paint. 

Finally we were left with this beautiful sight! 

I know I know, gorgeous right!  Well we have some work left to do, but you can finally start to see the island taking shape.  It was hard work, as our helpers expressed to us ever so cute-ly.

We are so pleased and very excited to have our base completed and this allowed us to go and actually order our countertops!  WOOT WOOT!  Thanks to Kimberly Belding at Lowe's for helping us out, and allowing me to take a picture of her.  I'm sure she was thinking I was completely nutso!  She was super gracious and so helpful.  She made the experience super easy.  We can't wait to have installers coming to our house soon!

We hope everyone has a GREAT holiday weekend, we know we will!  As always we will keep you posted of our progress!

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