Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Steps

A little progress was made to the kitchen project over the weekend.  It is all about the little things right?  Right!  After the counters were installed, we waited 24hrs until we could install the plumbing to the sink.  This meant having to un-install our precious garbage disposal that we installed back in March.  This was super easy...for Devin to do.  I'm sure it is because he had lots of "help."

Then we got to re-install the disposal in the new sink, which was infinitely better than installing it in the old sink.  This was much more exciting.  Notice in the image above, Devin's procedure of placing the rings in order of install...and see them again below.

Nice technique.  Whatever works.  The new sink also received a new stainless steel "Work Horse Strainer".  You are welcome sink.

Which meant we had to use this again.

It's pretty fun, like Playdoh.

Then we installed the faucet, the counters crowning glory.  It is a sight to behold I tell ya!

Here it is complete with a soap dispenser (recycled from old sink) and dishes in the sink.  I'm just keepin' it real for you.

Then came a little paint for the island.  She was looking a little bare.

Now she looks much more fancy and dramatic.  You can call it her "little black dress." 

Devin completed her by powering her up! 

Complete with fancy black outlets and cover plates. 

And one little hint of what we are working on now...

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