Friday, October 7, 2011

Help a Sister Out

Along with our little remodel project we have going on in our kitchen, I have been designing for my sister's house.  She was in desperate need of a change, so change is what she is gonna get!  First order of business is the Living/Dining area.  I say this loosely because this first phase has also included painting the hallway and kitchen area.  When you are on a painting roll, you just gotta keep truckin'. 

So here are some before pics, I apologize for the poor quality, they were taken with my sister's IPhone. 

Overall thoughts?  Too dark and that Fireplace gots to go!  The above picture is my mom checking out the fireplace "situation" before they took the TV down and the fireplace screen and painted the fireplace white!  I can say it does look mucho better.  The fireplace screen also got a coat of black spray paint and a white mantel was re-installed.   The biggest improvement to this fireplace "situation" is that the cables you see all hanging down from the bottom of the TV are now nicely routed through the fireplace wall to the left side where the components live.  My mom and sis were weekend warriors drilling the holes and fishing the wires, they rocked it out!

The goal is to lighten up the space and make it more "her".
Here is the plan, for the NEW and improved living/dining area...

The plan is to re-use some of her existing pieces and then add some new.  The Queen Anne-esque chair in the color board, is an existing chair that is getting a face lift with white paint and new upholstery.  The dark brown console table is getting re-used and re-located in the space, and she has a buffet and dining table that are remaining.  Oh and I plan to re-purpose some of her accessories, but for the most part, most everything is getting Craigslisted (and there is a lot!)  My sister has the theory that one is good but 10 is better, so part of this effort is to declutter and organize. 

We did find the amazing sofa shown in the color board at Dillard's on sale and we are anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  Also a modernized wing back chair.  Woot Woot! 

Here is an initial section drawing of the living and dining space to be.  I can't wait to get a large series of artwork framed on the big wall as a focal point. 
Stay posted for some progress photos (that are not taken with an IPhone) as it comes to life. 

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