Thursday, October 20, 2011

Houston, Countertops Have Landed

What an exciting morning we had today.  We got to witness the amazing installers from Austin Stone Systems do their magic installing our new counter tops.  The did a great job!

But before we get to the goods, Devin and I spent an hour last night taking out the old counters and sink in preparation for this mornings event.  We disconnected the plumbing from the bottom of the sink and took out our precious garbage disposal and Devin scored the caulk around the top of the sink.  It lifted out with a little muscle.  Once we had the sink out, Devin just sliced the caulk at the back splash and the wall and I unscrewed a few screws from underneath and they essentially lifted right out. 

Then...the magic happened.

Our first counter top installed.  The island was the first to be blessed with this beauty.  Then the rest followed suit.

It took approximately 1.5 hours for them to complete the task and it is beautiful.

Check out that "Banjo" sink!  We opted for two holes drilled, one for the faucet and one for the pump soap dispenser. 

Here is an extreme closeup and more of an aerial view.  Can you tell it is under mounted?  Well it is and it is glorious!  I can just picture myself easily sweeping crumbs into the sink now.  It's the little things that really make us happy.  We now have to wait 24 hours until we can install the new faucet.  Yeah we are "chompin' at the bit"!

I have to just stand and admire it now...

It ain't over yet, may the back splash tiling commence...

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