Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the Hunt

Now that we have a beautiful new island with beautiful new counters we need beautiful new counter stools.  I have been perusing some of the 'regular' stopping points online to get an idea of the type of stools we like.  First we both agree that we do not want a stool with a back so that it may easily slide under the counter and out of the way to make room for working space on that side of the island, and secondly, we agreed that we wanted a round stool. 

So here are some options that I have been considering:

This gorgeous shiny gem is from Restoration Hardware (and most likely out of our budget)

These super sleek "navy" stools are at Crate and Barrel and they

Crate and Barrel also has these neeto skeeto industrial-esque adjustable stools.

I found this streamlined option on Overstock, I like the white and chrome.

West Elm has these cute all white wooden stools....

and these industrial strapping looking stools.

IKEA has an adjustable height option in wood, but it is a little cheap and would need to be painted or it would disappear under the island. 

There you have it, what we are considering for the kitchen lately. 

FYI, the back splash in the kitchen is looking beautiful!  Pics and more next week.

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