Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Being Thankful

In between the home improvement activities at our house, I am also preparing to host Thanksgiving at our home this year.  Nothing makes me happier than having a house full of people and entertaining.  That said, I have limited time to get things pretty at my house.  With one weekend devoted to major cleanup from the construction under our belt, it is time to think festive decor.  I like to keep it simple for Thanksgiving, as it seems to be the rushed-over-let's-get-to-Christmas holiday.  The thought of having to spend too much time undo-ing the Thanksgiving so I can start doing the Christmas is definitely not appealing to me.  So I like to use simple items that we have around our house or that can easily be found on the cheap to decorate for this "feast" of holidays. 

First order of business, the color scheme.  Built around colors that already exist in our home:  orange, red, yellow, green and white.
I plan to use food to decorate this year as it is appropriate for Thanksgiving and it has a double duty, which I love.  Items to use on hand or purchase from the grocery store are pecans in their shells, red apples, pumpkins and artichokes. 

To add some great texture it is nice to use natural fiber textiles like burlap and jute cording. 

We have lots of things left over from our wedding that I use around the house regularly and they will be nice additions to the fall decor like, lanterns, votive candle holders, and candles. 

For the votive holders, I am thinking about attempting some DIY mercury glass to jazz them up a little.  Anna at Take the Side Street has this excellent tutorial on how to do just that.

Of course any opportunity to use some of my china is AWESOME.  Hello my name is Yancey and I have a problem with loving dishes a little too much!
I have lots of orange card stock paper for some reason and I plan to make some cheerful garland out of it and some other papers similar to what Chrisjob did over on Curbly.

What things do you do to prepare for the holidays?  Do you go crazy with decorations, or keep things on the DL?

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  1. I love Fall. I have a passion for fall leaves. It might be from growing up in New Mexico where there were about 10 trees in the entire state. What trees we did have certainly did not have leaves that changed into beautiful gold and orange and rust. So, at my house you will find baskets of leaves of all colors, garlands of leaves and wreaths of leaves. I know I have a problem.


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