Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Kitchen, Our Backsplash Tile

The kitchen project is coming to an end.  It couldn't have come any sooner.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is nice to have a beautiful functional kitchen!

I believe I left you with a view of our new counters installed. 

After prepping the area to back splash, which included removal of socket plates and the addition of a ledger behind the stove, we were able to start us some tiling.

The new back splash tile is a combination of glass and marble mosaic strips.  It is all attached to 12x14 inch mesh with made it much easier to install.  The most difficult part was to cut the pieces around the outlets and then place pieces back around them.

We managed this very well by Devin taking the role of "The Muscle" and I taking the role as "The Figure-Outer".  This combination made for fairly simple installation with little crying, bleeding, or cussing. 

Next it was grout time baby, again.  Although this was a much different experience floating grout vertically, I had flash backs to the grout I had finished on the floor.  Here again, Devin and I were a great team, him doing the floating, and I doing the sponging. 

Here is how it looked after the floating and sponging...

and here it is after the cheesecloth rub down.  Cheesecloth is amazing at getting off the haze. 

Now the final reveal!  

Don't mind the leftover Halloween candy, it adds some nice color to the island. 

Now for a reminder of how the kitchen looked the day we moved in (complete with toilet paper).

And here is how it looks now!

Ah-maz-ing if I do say so myself.  Now bring on the turkey.


  1. holy crap. the kitchen looks AMAZING!

  2. Incredible transformation! You guys make a great team. I could truly relate to the crying, bleeding, and cussing that go along with home improvement. Happens all the time here. The kitchen is gorgeous. Thanksgiving is going to look great in there.

  3. Love it! So pretty. I love that Devin was the muscles and you were the figure outer. Stephen always says he is the brains and I am the worker. And that is about right. Olive and I are going to see Granny tomorrow and I will show her these pics, she will be so impressed!

  4. What a great before and after, I really love your backsplash and of course the white cabinets and your cute roman shade!


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