Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Deets

We had a fantastic weekend with my family in town for the holiday.  My mom, sister and grandmother arrived Wednesday night.  We talked about the beautiful kitchen remodel for a long time and when we were finished touching and drooling on the new counters, my grandmother gave us (really more me) our Christmas present early.  I was so excited to get my grandmother's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S dishes that my aunts had all gone in together to get her years ago.  I remember as a child admiring how beautiful they were and longing to play with them, I'm sure outside in the mud (I was the queen of mud pies).  I have always loved them so much and thought they were the most beautiful dishes I had ever seen.  I am so happy that my Grandmother chose to pass them down to me.  I will forever admire them and someday pass them down to my children. 

It was the best pre-Christmas gift ever, and just in time to use them for Thanksgiving dinner.  Perfect!  Somehow the table was prettier, and the food tasted better because of them.  Okay okay, I know I have a problem, but I have yet to find a twelve step program for dish lovers. I know one is out there...I can't be alone. 

Our table was beautiful, if I say so myself.  I had a mixture of pieces on the table, and many from beloved family members that were handed down to us. 

The dishes of course were from my granny Summerville, along with the salt and pepper shakers and taper candle holders (that have no candles in them).  The gold flatware is also from my granny Summerville, she gave them to me for my wedding gift.  The glasses are from Devin's late mamaw Green.  The amber carnival glass is from Devin's granny Ree.  I also used woven place mats as a runner down the center of the table and they are from my late aunt Vena.  You can also see the paper garland I mentioned making here that I ran down the center of the table also.  The votive candle holders did not get the mercury glass treatment also mentioned here because I could not find the looking glass spray paint, maybe for Christmas I can get that done. 

The rest of the decor on the buffet was pretty basic working mostly with what I had.  I did purchase the dried wheat and 2 yards of burlap for the top.  The wheat I just placed in some mason jars I had and arranged the rest around it. 

Our dinner was amazing, perhaps due to the fantastic kitchen we had to work in.  Just a theory really.  I had such a great time cooking in my kitchen with my mom and crew.  It was really quite easy.  Everything turned out perfect. 

Devin was a whiz with "the bird", turkey that is.  He smoked it all day Wednesday.  It was just delicious. 

The stove and oven certainly were put to the test.

My mom did agree that the kitchen functioned much better and made slaving in the kitchen for hours much easier.  Oh and notice the collection on top of the cabinets in this picture.  It is a thing of beauty.  The funny thing is that I found a tea pot and a pitcher that I swore was the same stuff as my granny Summerville's at Goodwill and spent maybe $10 on the two back in October, then when I compared to what my grandmother gave me this last weekend, they were the same!  So that is why you see two pitchers.  Oh and the shorter soup tureen came from Devin's late mamaw Green also.  I don't think it is from the same collection as my granny's but it all works together.  

The new island is so great and we had plenty of room to have the buffet full of deliciousness.

Now for some extreme close ups of the food!

Devin's famous smoked turkey.  It will forever be known and remembered in our family.

Lyn's divine sweet potatoes. Yes they were seriously D-I-V-I-N-E!

Yancey's steamed asparagus with butter (Paula Dean would be proud)

Mary Lou's traditional apple salad (made by my mom because granny swears she didn't make this all the time)

Devin's favorite creamed corn.

You could easily say we were truly blessed with lots of delicious food.  I am extremely grateful for such great family and for a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. 

Now out with the orange and in with the red and green!

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