Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Get Some Christmas Up in Here

Over the last weekend, while the weather was dreary and rainy, I proceeded to get all of the Christmas boxes out of storage in preparation for Christmas-fying the house.  I keep all of my Christmas decoration in the closet under the stairs, it doesn't look like much, but it holds a heckofalotta boxes.  Devin said at least three time, man that is a lot of stuff.  Well for me, Christmas decorating is some serious business.  There is just something warm and cozy about a home decorated for the season. 

The first line of business and the only finished product I have to share with you is the Christmas tree.  Several years back we opted for a skinny faux tree.  I have been using artificial trees for a while now, mostly for the sake of convenience.  They don't die, you don't have to water them and you can put it up any time without having to haul it home. We purchased a 7.5 foot skinny version because it's footprint was much smaller so space is therefore saved.  Although my dream is to have a 9 foot pre-lit version, I have to work with what I've got.  I rigged up our tree, which comes apart in three easy sections, with lights on each section that plug in separately so that I don't have to put the lights on or take them off each year.

This is what the living room looked like as the tree was getting blinged up.  Oh and I was testing a giant paper star from IKEA as a topper.  I decided it wasn't working when I saw the scale was waaaay off, it kind of looked like the star was pooping out a tree.  Sorry for that imagery, but that is definitely what I was thinking. 

Did you notice the half covered ottoman?  Yeah I started that project right before Thanksgiving, like the Wednesday before and still have yet to complete it.  More on that when I finish it. 

So when I say that I installed lights, I mean lots of lights.  I like my tree to shine like the top of the Chrysler building.  I probably have anywhere from 1000-1500 lights on it.  And it is a thing of beauty!  That is, after I get all the stuff put on it to hide all the light cords.

Also, none of my twinkle light actually twinkle.  Blinking Christmas lights (outdoors or indoors) pretty much make me insane in the membrane.  Just a personal preference. 

I think I might have 4 or 5 boxes dedicated to tree decorating stuff like, ornaments, bows, birds, poinsettias, and some stick things.  I like my tree to be totally decked out.  The key is to get some sparkle way deep down in the tree by placing some of your ornaments inside near the trunk.  This way the tree will sparkle from the inside out. 

Here are some of my favorite ornaments. 

Here is the tree in it's final glory, without the large pooping star, complete with super cute tree skirt I purchased after Christmas a few years back from Crate and Barrel.  I love love love it.  Oh and see how great the tree looks with the wall color?  I totally planned that, ok that was a lie, it is a happy coincidence.

It is a several hour process, but it is totally worth it in the end. I love to bask in the light of a beautifully decorated tree at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for my Christmas-fying of our house!  I have finished many more tasks in between work and various other things.   

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