Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gathering Inspiration

I have been wanting to make a starburst style mirror lately and I have the perfect place to put one, more on that later, but I have been perusing pinterest and the blog world out there to find inspiration from other DIY-ers.  Here are some that I am thinking about. 

This one from here is made from paint sticks.  You just glue to the back of a round mirror you can pick up from any craft store.  Paint sticks are usually free and you can paint them any color you like.  This makes for a super inexpensive project. 

This one is GENIUS!  It is made from poster board.  You can craft any shape you want and really customize it.  You could also use some of the colored poster board to jazz it up.  You can find the entire DIY process here. 

This one from here is cute and pretty simple.  Just get yourself a bunch of bamboo branches and go to it!  You can customize your design by choosing various lengths of branch.  Paint your desired color or leave the natural color.  Super smart. 

Love love this one from here.  I think it is the scale that I like the most.  This one is made from the bunches of branches from IKEA.  Again, lots of options of color and pattern. 

This idea is totally AWESOME.  This DIY starburst mirror from here, is made from inexpensive wood shims.  I love the dimension that the width of the shims give it.  It makes for a more expensive look on a less expensive budget.  Love!

That's it folks, one more thing to add to my DIY list.  I will let you know the final outcome as it happens.  Hopefully sooner rather than later. 

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