Friday, January 6, 2012

Some of Our Christmas Treasures

I have been a very bad blogger as of late, in that I haven't posted anything since December 8th!!  Holy Moly!  Well, life got a little hectic and then the holidays hit.  Blamo, there went the blog. 

Well the least I can do is make it up to you (who actually follow this here little blog) with a little snippet of our Christmas celebration and some quick pics of our treasures from Christmas.  BTW, we had a fantastic but too short Christmas in Albuquerque with my family. 

Our Christmas Program was a success complete with singing, performances, skits, and sideshows.  Yes, we have an annual Christmas program where we all get together and celebrate, some years there is a theme like "Christmas around the World" and sometimes it is a mashup of lots of themes.  It is great fun and I hope the tradition continues and my future children will make their children prepare and practice for the Christmas program.  Nothing is better than watching everyone prepare for their parts. 

Here are some images of our program where lots of families come together to indulge in good food and good fun and general silliness. 

Doesn't Devin look THRILLED?!  I say he was preparing for his role as Charlie Brown later in the evening.

The key to getting the kids excited about the program is starting them early!  Isn't she precious??  This is Giana, my BFF's daughter. 

Of course my mother was cast as the MC for the program.  It is kind of her job!

The Pascetti family with their part.

Just a little duet by Nick and Damon, on the piano and recorder.  AW YEAH!

Devin and my sister Cassandra as Charlie Brown and Lucy in our rendition of "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Devin again as "Chuck" and me as Linus. 

As my mom says, "it's all about the props!"  This is our version of the night sky and Charlie thinking about the true meaning of Christmas.  Mom was a great narrator/prop manager.

Man!  We had a blast!  Christmas in New Mexico is awesome, complete with snow.  We don't see that here in Austin. 

The fun didn't stop there, we continued the fun with some of our booty from Christmas morning when we got home.  My mom and sister took full advantage of our new kitchen island to provide us with some accessories for it.  One of them the table tennis set...

and the other a air hockey table set.  SAWEET! 

Now Devin and I will definitely have to DIY ourselves some guard rails for the sides of the island!  That air puck just flys!

My mom gave me an awesome Christmas cookbook.  I can't wait for next year to have some delicious treats. 

There are some super cute ideas for parties!

My favorite gift was from my hubby.  The Architecture collection from Lego is AWESOME!  Devin bought me Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. 

I have started...

There you have it.  A quick break down of our Christmas.  What did you guys get to do for the holiday?  Anything fun?  Charlie Brown skits?  I would love to hear! 

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  1. I love that you have a program!! This makes me think of the movie "Dan in Real Life". Love!


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