Friday, February 3, 2012

1 Down 3 to Go

I am a fan of Craigslist.  I think it is a great way to find treasures that someone no longer wants/needs and make them yours.  It is a great way to recycle and save the planet and most of the time save your dollars.  Here is an example: 

I found an add in Craigslist for 3 pieces of Thomasville solid wood furniture for $40!  Holla!  I met with the man with the goods and said sold!  Actually it was 3 pieces of furniture and a mirror that all went together.  SCORE!  I have been thinking about adding a mirror to our downstairs guest bathroom to give it more personality than the standard "builder special" mirror.  I actually had a plan to go take a look at another mirror the day I bought this stuff, then opted out of the other mirror when I scored a mirror with the other 3 pieces. 

Once again the XBox prevails.  It is the magic car that can fit a multitude of items.  Reminiscent of a car full of clowns. 

Here are the 4 items in all their worn out 70's glory.  Granted they are solid wood and super sturdy.  The only issues are cosmetic and a few screws here and there.  Totally fixable and worthy of a new life.  And I will provide them the life they deserve. husband thinks I'm crazy.  I say if in an awesome sort of way then YES I AM!

This post is going to focus on the bottom right hand corner "project".  The mirror.  As I said, I had big plans for it to replace the downstairs guest bathroom mirror. 

I tested the waters before I got to painting. 

It is pretty much the same size of the existing mirror but with a cute bamboo style frame.  So off to the garage it went for it's makeover.  I just taped off the mirror with blue painters tape and whatever paper I had laying around.

I filled any crack, scrape, or hole and then sanded the whole thing down to basically just rough up the surface to receive some white spray paint.  I wasn't too concerned about the paint being too super duty indestructible since this was going to hang on the wall.  The other pieces will undoubtedly get more work to provide a more indestructible finish. 

I used a basic can of white spray paint, I think it was Valspar High Gloss White, and I went to town.  I spray light coats until I have the desired finish.  It took about 4 coats to get it right. 

Once painted it had a entirely new look.  I think it is pretty cute in the bathroom.  Now I'm ready to re-do that room.  It is one of the only rooms we didn't paint when we moved in.  I think it might be time for a quick face lift in there.  I'm not digging the taupe brown anymore.  I am thinking something lighter and fresher.  Anyway, the mirror added a little more character to the bathroom. 

Yeah, it needs a bit more work.  The light fixture has got to be replaced etc.  But it's the little things that get you there.  We are one step in the right direction. 

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