Monday, February 27, 2012

I Can Handle This

Devin and I both love the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Not only can you find awesome bargains but in purchasing said bargains you can support a great cause.  During a recent trip, we stumbled upon these beauties. 

Yup those are new handles for our entire house.  Our house is currently sporting the latest in builder special fashion, brass door knobs.  Needless to say, we want to change that.  We have been checking out new hardware occasionally at the home improvement stores and decided we would buy new hardware for our interior doors slowly since the price was pretty steep.  We're talking a price to the tune of $20+ depending on brand per door.  So with 13 doors in our house that's $260 smackers.  So imagine our excitement, or at least my excitement, when I saw these babies waiting for me to take them home for $2 a pop.  Sweet!  At that price we could buy enough for all our doors and not have to phase them in slowly.  Extra special bonus is that these lever handles actually look like they are commercial grade, which means they could have retailed at upwards of $50 each. 

We are one step closer to being brass knob free in our home and we couldn't be more excited.  It is the little details that make a home.  

For the first installation, I started with the downstairs bathroom.  I simply removed the two screws holding the front and back of the old brass knob together and removed the handles.  Then removed the two screws holding the latch in place and the core slides right out. 

Our new handles also came with new strike plates, so I removed the old one.

Then I basically reversed all the steps to install the new lever and strike plate. 

Isn't she pretty!  I was concerned that it might look too commercial, but actually we both really like the clean simple lever rather than one too curvy.  It certainly suits our design aesthetic. 

One more time here is the before and after. 

Can you dig it?  We totally do!  One down, 12 to go!

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