Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why I Otto-man!

I have finally gotten around to upholstering our ottoman in our living room.  Remember in this post back in December when I was decorating our Christmas tree and you had a glimpse at the partially re-upholstered ottoman.  Well its D-O-N-E!  Crossed off the list!

Let's have a look at it before it got a partial makeover.  Notice that the main color is black, and is severely faded from our large expanse of windows in the room.  It desperately needed a face lift. 

Here it is in all it's half finished glory. 

So off came the top so I could finish the bottom half.  This is made out of 3/4 in. MDF that I had left over from an Architecture studio project back in the college days and I opted to recycle the wood and make an ottoman after the class.  It is essentially a big square box with some industrial casters on the bottom so that moving it is easy.  It opens up for storage on the inside also. 

I took off the old black fabric with a flat head screwdriver and some pliers since it was just stapled into the wood.

I was then left with the red upholstery that was underneath.  The entire ottoman was upholstered in the red fabric at one time and I decided to leave it on since it is a super duty Crypton fabric.  Crypton is a brand name for fabric that is resistant to spills and staining and all sorts of yuck. 

I decided to leave it on once again as the foundation and upholster right on top of it with the new fabric.  Oh and FYI, the fabric I'm using came from Fabric.com and is fade resistant and can be used outdoors, so hopefully that translates to basset hound and feline proof. 

A few staples later, this is what we have now!

It is so nice now and is not suffering with an identity crisis any longer.  Notice those lovely black raggedy looking pillows on the sofa, ignore them, they are getting covers made soon!

The living room is coming together once again. 

It is nice to have one thing off the list, now to focus on the other hundred things on it. 
Any of you cross anything off your list lately?  Any furniture suffering from an identity crisis?  We would love to hear!

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