Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mirror Mirror...

I finally got around to making my DIY star burst mirror.  Remember way back in this post when I researched various DIY star burst mirrors, well I finally made the decision and got to work.  It all began with a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby, where I found the round mirror that would get jazzed up with some bamboo sticks (also at HL for half off). 

The 12 inch mirror was originally $20 so half was $10 and the 2 packages of bamboo were originally $12 so half was $6 for a total of $16 + tax. Not too shabby since star burst mirrors can run upwards of hundreds of dollars.  

First step, section the back of the mirror from the center making radiating lines as a guide.  I used blue painters tape for this.  I simply marked the center of the mirror and added tape in a star pattern.  These lines would be my guide as I added the bamboo around the mirror. 

I trimmed my bamboo to about 2 feet long to leave me with about 18" exposed.  Then, with my trusty hot glue gun (the Detailer), I got to gluing!  I hadn't used hot glue in so long, I forgot how awesome it was.  It dries so fast, you can move around the mirror quickly and be finished in no time. 

Here you can see the beginning of the bamboo pattern on the back.  I just kept going around until I filled in all the space.  I decided after seeing all of the long bamboo sticks that I wanted to incorporate some shorter pieces for more dimension. 

Once I had all the bamboo glued, I taped off the mirror and I headed outside to start spray painting.  I sprayed a couple of coats of primer first then blinged it up with some silver metallic paint.

After it dried, I hung it up in it's place of glory (the mirror had two hangers on the back).  Above our bed in our master bedroom. 

Oh and if you notice our bed is in a new location, you are correct.  I changed things up a bit a while ago and moving that Temperpedic mattress was a major pain in my butt!

Pretty sweet result for a total of $20 with the cost of materials and a can of spray paint (we had the primer already).  Now the addition of the mirror begs for the bed to have a taller headboard and the walls to be re-painted.  Well like I always say, one project leads to another.  But I L-O-V-E a good project!

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