Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update: Sister's House

Remember way back when I was talking about helping my sister with her remodel project in her home?  Well, it has been a labor of love with special emphasis on the labor.  It isn't complete, but I can share a few updates at this point.  

Remember how dark and drab it was before?

And the new plan to make it come to life? 

My mom and sister tested the paint color I chose, to make sure it would be great, so my mom went crazy testing the color all over the house!  Remember: this is a long distant project for me, my mom and sister are doing the bulk of the work, with my general guidance. 

The bookcase wall is the dark blue pictured in the color board above.

The back door to the garage received some sunny yellow paint! 

The major stuff is done, like painting EVERYTHING.  I mean the walls in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hall are all done.  Oh and after getting all the painting done, we decided all of the trim had to be painted also.  It appeared super creamy instead of white, once all the light blue paint was up.  The fireplace also got a nice coat of white paint. 

The blue paint made the entire house feel light and airy, a stark contrast from what it was before.  Here is a little glimpse of the blue paint.  

We've been working on putting it all back together with new furniture pieces and accessories.  The main purchases were the sofa and arm chair from Dillard's and they are gorgeous. 

The majority of the new pieces are from Craigslist.  No one likes a bargain more than my sister so this was the perfect way to bargain shop for her new living room.  We have found so many wonderful items and have made them uniquely hers.  Let me just say two words to sum up the entire Craigslist adventure, Spray Paint.  We should have invested in spray paint before we started this process. 

But totally worth it.  Here is a sneak peak of some of our bargain finds and painting projects. 

I have slowly been working on the main frame collage wall that is a major focal point in her living room.  Slowly but surely, we are filling that wall with some of her favorite things. 

It is coming along and looking so much better.  It is going to be so cute when it is complete.  I of course will reveal the finished project to you all when we get to the finish line. 

How about you guys?  Any of you helping out a family member?  Painting the interior of an entire house?  Rejuvinating an amazing Craigslist find?    

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  1. Yancey is doing a great job at keep my taste in mind. We have very different taste, so I was worried about that. But I have pleasantly surprised. She has proven me wrong. She does have to keep me grounded, I tend to go overboard and want more and everything shiny and blingy.... lol. I love me some shiny stuff..I love the color palette, everything is much brighter and happier. We are in the process of redoing the entire house so it is timely, and have to do as funds are available. LOL.... I do love a bargain, and tend to be a cheap scate... So the craigslist deals are so great. and even better they are for sure orginial. She is doing great at being creative with my budget, I am not her typical wealthy client. We are having so much fun together as well through this process. I do drive her crazy buying stuff...... I love my talented sis. I love you Yancey.... love Cas


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