Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kitchen Built-In-Spiration

I know it has been a while since I posted, we have been busy cooking up something good around here, more details coming soon.  Speaking of cooking, I have been dreaming of working on our breakfast area in our kitchen ever since we got the kitchen island finished.  The area just seems super cluttered all the time and I would love to add some built in cabinets to the area.  The pic below is during our kitchen island project so don't mind the mess. 

The area currently has some inexpensive shelves purchased from Target eons ago for our old house in Albuquerque.  We store lots of stuff in them but dare I say it, we need more storage.  I have a beautiful collection of dishes that I would love to be able to prominently display there.  The furry kid's food bowls also reside in the area, so I am thinking of ways to incorporate their bowls into the design as well. 

Enter  A great place to browse for inspiration.  I clicked through the kitchen pics to get some good ideas for the space. 

I had never really contemplated a wine fridge in this space, but how nice would that be!  Glass door upper cabinets is a fine idea for displaying my collection.

I had toyed with the idea of banquet seating in the area also as a good space saver. 

I love how these are double stacked upper cabinets.  This is more than likely the look we will be going with so that we can add another row of upper cabinets throughout the rest of the kitchen. 

I have also been thinking about incorporating some open shelving to the mix for a simple collection display.  I am so in love with all the white dishes in this kitchen. 

Love the clean look of these glass front double stacked upper cabinets. 

Love the back splash wall in this one.

The thought of full length floor to ceiling cabinets has also crossed my mind. 

I have no idea how the whole shebang will turn out, but I have some ideas now.  Hopefully this is something we can get accomplished this summer while it is blistering hot outside and we can work inside in the nice air conditioned house.  I will of course keep you posted on our progress. 

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