Monday, July 23, 2012

Tennessee Travel - Pt. 1

I have to admit that when I hear Tennessee, I think of this song from way back when...

but this post isn't about Arrested Development but about our recent trip to Tennessee over the 4th of July holiday.  I am finally getting around to sharing the highlights after going through about 800 or so photos.  Devin and I met my mom, sister, and grandmother for a road trip to Rogersville, TN to visit family.  We were fully prepared for the adventure ahead of us. 

Our first stop was in Dallas, TX where we met up with the "crew" and headed northeast to Little Rock, AR. 

We had plans to stop in Little Rock to eat and sight see a little but we didn't get to see anything other than stuff from the freeway.  We were already a little behind schedule if we wanted to get to Memphis, TN in time to do anything.  So we voted for full speed ahead to Memphis. 

We spent one night in Memphis at the Hilton.  We were only a few that were not part of an event going on in the city including, various family reunions, sports tournaments, and the Miss Plus America pageant.  

After enjoying the sights at the hotel and the pool the evening we got there, we hit the hay in anticipation of seeing the sites in Memphis the next morning.  First on the agenda, agreed to by vote, was the Memphis Mojo Music tour.  It was a sing along tour that toured us around town to all the major music sites by bus. 

The tour actually started from the famous Beale Street, so we had some time to check it out also. 

We had a great time on the tour and it was a nice way to see lots of Memphis under our time constraint.  My granny had such a great time and was just singing along like crazy!  That is her with the cute red bow in her hair next to my mom.  Way to keep the party going in the back ladies!

On the tour we saw Sun Studios where Elvis amongst many others recorded...

and the Staxx Recording Studio where people like Otis Redding recorded. 

There were also various non music related historical sites on the tour, including the hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.  It is now a part of the National Civil Rights Museum.  It stirs a mixture of feelings visiting these places, kind of like visiting Dealey Plaza in Dallas, where President Kennedy was assassinated. 

After our tour, we went to the famed Peabody Hotel and saw the marching of the ducks.  It is kind of a big deal to see these five ducks that have been trained to swim in the hotel fountain, retire for the day and travel up an elevator to their fancy living quarters atop the hotel.  We enjoyed the ducks, the beautiful hotel, and maybe the air conditioning the most. 

The last piece of Memphis we saw on the way out of town was Graceland.  My sister was out voted so we didn't actually go inside the gates of Graceland but we did at least get to see it from the street. 

We had a GREAT time in Memphis and would like to go back sometime and spend a little more time. 

Next stop Nashville, TN....stay tuned! 

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