Friday, July 27, 2012

Tennessee Travel Pt. 2

As I mentioned in the previous post also known as Tennessee Travel Pt. 1, our first stop on our Tennessee road trip was Memphis.  We loved it, we left it, we went on to Nashville.  Nashville was a nice city as well, as much as we saw of it.  We focused our attention on the Hermitage.  That is the home of Andrew Jackson, our 7th President of these United States.  He lived there from 1804 to 1845.  Yeah you know him from the 20 dollar bill. 

The Hermitage is a beautiful estate that lies on 1,000 acres of land.  It has been beautifully restored as a museum today. 

Photography was not allowed in the house so I have mostly images of the grounds.  Here is my sister at the front door.   

Here is the back porch.

And here is the back of the house...and my sister again. 

Jackson owned 40 slaves.  This is one of the cabins that housed two separate families. 

We were just amazed at how huge the magnolia trees grew here.  Just gorgeous!

When we left the Hermitage, we headed to Rogersville, TN.  Population 4,427.  Here is their cute quaint downtown.

My uncle has 55 acres of land in Rogersville, and it is simply beautiful.  This is his house...

and land.  C'est magnifique!

We did a little exploring, here is my granny. 

Rogersville, TN has one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations in the state of Tennessee.  The celebration starts in the morning with live music and vendors in the park and ends with a huge fire works spectacle.  We had the best seats in the park!

The next day we left Rogersville, and headed way of Birmingham, AL.  We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast and on the way out of town stopped by to see the 16th Street Baptist Church and pay homage to the 4 young girls that were killed in the bombing in 1963.  It was pretty amazing to see some of the historic sites of the fight for Civil Rights along the way. 

Here is a marker of the actual location where the bomb was placed.  Heartbreaking. 

After Birmingham, we headed to Texas...and home.

It was a great adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with the family.  Can't wait for the next adventure...

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  1. It seems you had a wonderful trip and enjoyed a fabulous 4th of July celebration.


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