Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Little of This a Little of That


Work continues at our house to prepare for our new addition.  Mostly in the form of cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing and the like.  We got rid of one of our guest beds and moved the bed from the to-be nursery to the guest bedroom since it was the better of the two.  The two tables were moved also to serve as night stands. 

Meanwhile, in the nursery to-be...more work is needed.  The closet got cleaned out but what remained was a pile of gift wrapping stuff that needs to be relocated.  Needless to say, the work continues.

In between the work at home, we have done some traveling.  With the fall comes lots of road trips for us.  And of course we don't leave without our trusty hound dog.  Roxie especially loves the trips to the drive thru...

Our travels mostly lead us to west Texas for family and football, but along the way we bear witness to some pretty amazing wind farms.  West Texas is an ideal location for said wind farms since it is windy, flat, and well flat. 

Baby Girl Young is now 23 weeks old and is growing strong.  She is a mover and shaker inside me these days.  I'm pretty sure she is throwing a swanky soiree with the placenta and umbilical cord.  According to the ultrasound at 20 weeks, there were no such parties! 

Baby steps towards getting our home in order in preparation for the disorder that will no doubt come with a new infant.  I couldn't be more excited! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's it Gonna Be?

We had a lovely visit with the Ultrasound Technician last week as she examined our new baby's anatomy.  Baby looks great, no issues to be seen with the overall development.  Heart, Check!  Arms, Legs, Check!  Brain, Check!  Boy or Girl parts...Check!  So without further adieu...

We are so thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl to our home!  Devin will be a lucky man surrounded by girls!  (all the animals are female too)  I have been slowly working on getting the nursery ready to start making it a nursery...a lot of prep work is required to reorganize all of our crap stuff!  Stay tuned for the process post.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby on the Brain!

I have been busy thinking about baby Young lately, and eagerly awaiting the big gender reveal with our doctor so I can start working on the nursery.  So far the pregnancy has been great with little side affects.  Hooray!  I hope I didn't jinx it now.  But I thought since I haven't been doing many projects lately around the house, I would let you all in on a few of the things I have been pinning on my Nursery Board on Pinterest.  If you are interested in following my pins, just hop on over to my sidebar and click the "P" under our picture!  Enjoy!

I love the soothing serene color scheme of this nursery with the fun patterned rocker!  That IKEA light is pretty darn awesome in there also.

I enjoy the eclectic feel of this nursery with its modern crib and traditional rocking chair and fun patterns in the curtains and rug.

I love the modern traditional feel of this nursery with that amazing gold pendant light fixture!  The mix of wood grain in the crib and window blind, the textured rug and sheepskin is awesome!

We are planning to use a dresser for our changing table and this tip for organizing the drawers is GREAT! 

We might just possibly be adding a little pattern on the wall with paint in our nursery and this idea of capturing a portion of the wall with moulding is a great idea.

Stay tuned for more deets about our nursery and if we will be rooting for Team Boy or Team Girl.
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