Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dressing up a Dresser

Operation Baby Nursery is still in effect, slowly, as in baby steps.  All of the furniture that was in there as a guest bedroom is now gone.  It was either sold on Craigslist, currently for sale on Craigslist or being re purposed in another area of our home.  Hence this dresser discussion.  The plan:  re-use the dresser from the guest bedroom as a buffet in our breakfast area in the kitchen.  It took a little convincing my husband that this was a fabulous idea, but sometimes when in doubt you just have to do it and see how it works out.  So that is exactly what I did, with him doubting every minute of it.  Oh he of little faith.

Here is said dresser.  Let me just say that it is old.  As in my mother and her baby sister used it as children and I love it.  It is a great height at 36 inches and it is a narrow 15 inches so it doesn't protrude into the room very much.  Win win for our breakfast space!

This is not it's original condition of course.  It had been painted several times and I had painted it again and changed the hardware from knobs to handles while living in an apartment in college.  It was about to go through another change.  My mom has been in town several times to help us with projects prior to baby's arrival so she was here to help with the transformation as well as my sister.

I love how her shirt says "Staff".  Oh and we had lots of help from her little dog Jazz too...

First step was to remove the hardware and sand.  We set up shop outside in our backyard for the dusty task.  The sanding step was to simply smooth out the layers of paint.  Otherwise we could have just used a deglosser and then moved on to priming. 

After sanding, we moved the dresser and drawers to the garage for priming and painting.  The wind was picking up slightly and we didn't want stuff flying into our wet paint, and it was a little chilly that weekend...which I loved.  It is a treat in Texas to have cool weather!

A few minor repairs were made to the dresser frame like securing a couple of rails that had come loose. 

Then it was priming time.  We used water based KILZ primer.  It is easiest to use and clean up.  We applied it with a small foam roller and a foam brush for a smoother application with no brush marks. 

After one coat of primer, we did two coats of white paint.  We used the same white paint we had on hand from painting our kitchen cabinets.  It is Valspar interior latex in an eggshell finish from Lowes. 

Once the two coats of paint were dry, I applied two coats of Polycrylic with a foam brush.  It is the same water based polyurethane that I used on the fireplace tile.  And the final result turned out great!  It looks like a new piece of furniture. 

Here is the before...again.

And after...

There have also been small changes to this breakfast area to make it more functional so I will have another post about those details soon and hopefully some movement on the nursery front!

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