Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Enchanting Homes Part 2

Like I mentioned in this post, while in Albuquerque on our latest trip, we visited a few homes from the 2012 Homes of Enchantment Parade.  The next one I want to share with you is from Paschich Design Group.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and is 1,800 square feet.  That's it on the left in the image below.  Quite modern for the location with a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains beyond.  It is also sporting some swanky photovoltaics.

You are greeted by a vibrant plum colored door that opens to a small foyer and then to the open kitchen, dining and living area.  I was immediately struck by the steel structure exposed in the main room.  The kitchen sports a large island that reminded me of ours and an awesome barn door for the pantry.  Barn doors like this one are great space savers when you are limited on space for a door to swing out. 

The natural light in this house was fantastic.  The house was oriented where it took advantage of the southern exposure the most. 

The open living room was made cozy by the fireplace and built-in media console. 

The faucet in the hall bathroom had a nifty sink faucet where the top moved back and forth, side to side to control water flow and temperature.  I also love the green interior.

I loved these wood carved masks hanging in one of the 2 extra bedrooms.

The master suite was a comfortable size with nice details like a sliver of frosted glass from the master bath to the master bedroom.  I loved the quilt on the bed also...

The master bathroom was clean and simple.  I liked the vanity lights although I just kept thinking that they were right in your line of sight and could be blinding....

I enjoyed the no fussiness of this home and the clean and simple design.  It was a good use of space also.  I have one more home to share with you so stay tuned...

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