Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just When You Think You're Finished...

Baby's nursery is slowly progressing and I thought I would give you a quick update on the progress.  We shared with you the beautiful painted walls and then after living with it for a while, we decided we needed to paint the ceiling also.  The gross dingy putty colored ceiling.  It became more obvious after the walls got the royal treatment and the ceiling was left out.  So we opted to paint the ceiling a bright white.  We picked up a can of Flat Ultra White ZERO VOC by Olympic from Lowes and got to work.   

Which meant, we had to cover our freshly painted walls to protect them from ceiling paint splatter.

My mom and Devin did the majority of the work. I was the keen observer saying you missed a spot there and there is a drip there...you know the really important job.  You can see the difference in paint color in this picture...crazy the difference!

After the ceiling was finished (with two coats), Devin had to go back and cut in the blue on the walls...bummer.

Remember this piece of furniture sitting in the middle of the room while we painted the walls?  Well, it received a royal makeover also.  While we had the drop cloths down and the painting supplies out, I just tackled that little project before cleaning up.  Doors and drawer came off for cleaning...

and priming.

The hardware got a nice dose of pink spray paint.    
  Here is a look at the table when I got it here as a package Craigslist deal for $40!   
  After some bright yellow paint, and some perfectly pink hardware, it is finished!  
  I think that is it for the painting in the room...who knows though, we might have to include a fabulous mural a la Cameron on Modern Family!!  ;)

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